A Major ‘Station 19’ Death Was Explained on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and It Was So Confusing

Wow, Station 19 really didn’t do Rigo Vasquez justice and we don’t know what to think.

On the episode “Poor Wandering One” we said goodbye to the fiery firefighter, played by Rigo Sanchez. Everyone thought his character was on the up-and-up, and were shocked to discover that we won’t see him on the show anymore.

All is fair in love and Shondaland, so someone unexpectedly dying isn’t exactly news. But the way that fans discovered the details of his exit were a little confusing.

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Byron Cohen
It’s true that Rigo’s fate was revealed in the final seconds of Station 19, but all we found out was that he passed away earlier that afternoon and that he “didn’t make it home.”

It wasn’t until Grey’s Anatomy started “Give a Little Bit” that we heard what really happened. Near the beginning of the hour, Jackson (Jesse Williams) asked Ben (Jason George) if he wanted to go with him to a basketball game. He declined, which caused Jackson to push back on the invite.

Then Bailey (Chandra Wilson) had to step in. “One of his fellow firefighters died, threw a PE right as we were about to discharge,” she explained.

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It’s great that there was some closure, but the fact that viewers had to tune into a different series for more information was a little confusing. People took to Twitter to express just that, and to generally mourn for Rigo’s short-lived time on the show.

There’s obviously still a lot of unresolved issues with Rigo’s storyline—like how Jack (Grey Damon) will handle the news—so we’ll see if Station 19 can make up for the oddly timed reveals around his demise.

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