Blue Bloods Fans Don’t Hold Back on Final Season’s Writing

Blue Bloods Fans Don’t Hold Back on Final Season’s Writing

Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 2 left the audience frustrated and confused.


– Blue Bloods Season 14 will be the finale of the CBS police procedural drama.
– The recent Episode 2 of the final season left most fans frustrated due to its poor writing.
– There are many things Blue Bloods must address and conclude before it ends, and there’s not much time for it.

For a beloved TV series at the start of its final season, Blue Bloods isn’t exactly putting in the effort fans would like to see. The first two episodes of S12, while not without their hidden gems, just were not good enough — and this specifically goes for Episode 2 that left most fans frustrated and disappointed with the writing.

Blue Bloods Fans Hated Season 14 Episode 2’s Writing

To the audience’s distinct dissatisfaction, the final season of Blue Bloods didn’t start off much differently from the previous ones. The years-old problems are still there, and the writing didn’t suddenly take off after the news of the show’s cancellation. Some of Blue Bloods’ most poorly written characters still suffer from that.

“The whole Commissioner commission thing was just a vehicle to have conflict between the Mayor and Frank, who had just built some bridges the episode before! And Erin, whose only lines (practically) had her being really tough and stern. Bringing back Jackie — again — for a bit of conflict between her and Baez? What? And then, of course, the whole Jamie and Joe conflict,” Reddit user CAShark-7 wrote.

Most fans agree with them, claiming that Season 14 Episode 2 saw some of the worst character writing, prioritizing drama for drama’s sake over substance. They say there “didn’t seem to be any cleverness, subtlety, or nuance in any of the various situations,” and the writers focused solely on blowing things out of proportion.

Blue Bloods Finale Must Pick up the Pace

They say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and the same goes for the last impression, too. Considering Season 14 is the ultimate finale of Blue Bloods (unless Tom Selleck saves the day again), it must become truly special to leave fans in the state of blissful nostalgia and gratitude, not frustration.

Before its end, Blue Bloods must address many things in Season 14, and while it’s already done some great work on some of them (looking at you, Jamie), others are still pretty much untouched or borderline worsened. Here’s to hoping the show manages to leave the last impression as good as the first one was, after all.

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