‘Fire Country’s Max Thieriot Breaks Down the Season 2 Finale and What’s to Come in Season 3

In the Season 2 finale of the CBS series Fire Country, Bode (Max Thieriot) was faced with the decision of either telling Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila) how he really feels about her or watching her marry another man. At the same time, he’s coming to terms with the reality that being a free man means that he’ll no longer be going out to fight fires with the inmate fire camp. All of that means that Season 3 will be about Bode figuring out what’s next, how he can be a firefighter for real and claim his legacy as a Leone, and whether he’ll ever believe that he’s worthy of someone else’s love. Bode has come a long way since Season 1, but the good news for this TV series is that he still has a long journey to go.

During this one-on-one interview with Collider, show star Thieriot, who is also a co-creator, executive producer and director of Fire Country, talked about the ongoing conversations they’ve had about when Bode would get out of prison, the desire to really get to explore the relationships in Bode’s life outside of fire camp, how Freddy (W. Tré Davis) and Cole (Tye White) both impacted him, figuring out how he can become a firefighter for real, that Bode needs to do more work on himself even though his heart is with Gabriela, what he’s most looking forward to with Season 3, wanting to see more people from Bode’s past, and the possibility of crossovers with the Sheriff Country spinoff that’s been picked up with Morena Baccarin in the lead role.

Why Was Now the Right Time for Bode To Get Out of Prison in ‘Fire Country’?

Max Thieriot as Bode Leone in his orange jumpsuit at inmate fire camp in Episode 8 of Season 2 of Fire CountryImage via CBS
Collider: A lot happened in this finale. A lot has happened in every episode this season. Was it always the plan to have Bode out of prison by the end of this season? When did that conversation start to happen?

MAX THIERIOT: The conversation has been ongoing since the beginning. When does this take place and what does that look like? Given the stuff that we’ve shown thus far and the stories we’ve told of him being in and being at fire camp, I think everyone felt like we had told a lot of the story of something that looks like. It also presents its own set of challenges to include more and more scenes of him interacting with his family and Gabriela and all these people. So, a big part of it was the realization, on everyone’s part, that for us to be able to really fully explore the relationships between Bode and all these people that we want to see him interact with, you have to get him out eventually to be able to really do that. The inmate fire camp is a huge piece of the show and something that we won’t just walk away from telling. It obviously makes a big difference and is something that really makes it feel like its own unique story, so that story of redemption will always be ongoing. But now, it’s just about different ways to creatively tell those stories without Bode being in fire camp. I think it’ll be fun because we’ll be able to tell those stories in ways that the audience doesn’t expect.

Freddy and Cole have both been really important in helping Bode get through his time. Was it important to have that moment of Cole cheering him on when he went, but also having Freddy there to greet him? What was it like to have Freddy and his smiling face back for the finale?

THIERIOT: It was amazing. It was huge. It was big for the show, and it was big for Bode. It was big to see him surrounded by the people who helped him get to where he is and who really helped him overcome so many massive obstacles in his life and his time from prison to fire camp. It was also another way for us to get to see the different phases and the progression of all of these men, as they’re trying to turn their lives around and all their stories of redemption. In that scene, you get to see three guys who are at three different places in their lives. We get to see Freddy whose dreams have come true. He’s opened his food truck, he’s out, he really is making the best of his life, and he’s living, And then, Cole gets to see his friend get out, which gives him a lot of hope. The big thing about Cole and Bode is that both of them had an impact on each other in different ways that they maybe didn’t even realize they were going to. Bode thought that maybe it was just Cole helping him, but Bode helped Cole a lot, as well. It’s cool. It’s fun being able to see the different sides and different stages of what that evolution looks like.

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