Katie Overhears Devastating News About Eric — and Ridge Grills R.J.

Monday, October 23, 2023: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge questions RJ about his father, Eric bucks doctor’s orders, and Katie learns of Eric’s prognosis.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke canoodle and she senses he’s distracted. He admits that this whole fighting with his dad thing is getting to him. Just then, Liam knocks and asks if either of them has talked to Steffy recently. Ridge tells him that Steffy is backpacking in the Alps the last the heard. Brooke asks if she knows about Deacon and Sheila. Ridge says he doesn’t know it from him — he hasn’t been able to get a hold of her and it’s not the sort of thing you leave on a voicemail. Liam flashes to leaving her a voicemail and looks sheepish.

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Liam tells Ridge he wants to talk to Steffy about some things. Brooke asks if it’s about Kelly. Liam says he wants them to feel safe enough to come home but he also has questions about the fashion showdown for Eye on Fashion. RJ comes in as Liam says he has to go and to let him know if they talk to Steffy. RJ questions Ridge about changing rules of the showdown. Ridge says the guests will vote on their favorite designs and no one will know whether they’re bidding on his or Eric’s — no one will know it’s a showdown. RJ feels that his father is worried that if the guests know they’re granddad’s creations he’ll win on name value. Ridge is worried people will buy his gowns because it’s his “last collection.”
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Donna brings Eric some juice as he works on designs at the Forrester mansion. Eric tells her his grand finale is really coming together. Donna reminds him the doctor will be checking in later. It’s the last thing Eric wants to think about — he’s going to beat the pants off of Ridge in the fashion challenge. Suddenly, he starts coughing and hacking. Katie walks in and frowns, “That cough sounds horrible! Are you OK?!” Eric struggles to compose himself as Donna looks worried. Eric assures Katie it’s just allergies but has to leave the room when he can’t stop the hacking. Katie asks Donna if they’re sure it’s just allergies.

Donna tells Katie that working on the collection has been stressful for Eric. Katie can’t understand him saying it’s his grand finale when he has so much more to offer, “What’s really going on, Donna?” Eric reappears and reminds Donna of their appointment. Katie hands them the guest list to look over and leaves. Eric apologizes to Donna for having to keep the truth from Katie, but he wouldn’t be able to stand the pity. Donna asks, “Did you cough up..?’ Eric says, “A little,” but assures her he will live until he dies. Until then, he’ll hold her in his arms and will be a very happy man.
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Dr. Colby arrives and tells Eric and Donna that he has news about Eric’s condition.

In the main office, Ridge asks RJ, “How’s the line coming along?” He complains about the bills he’s getting for diamonds and such. RJ snaps that Eric knows what he’s doing. Ridge was just kidding and lets his son know he’s proud of him. He just thought he’d be working next to him. Brooke tells Ridge not to make RJ feel guilty. Ridge asks his son, “Is there something I’m not seeing here? Did something happen? What?”
At the Forrester mansion, a tearful Donna says, “There must be something more we can do.” Dr. Colby assures her they’ll explore every avenue, but they also have to be realistic about what they’re dealing with. Donna won’t sit back and accept this. Eric tells her not to worry. Donna snaps, “Don’t worry?! Did you hear what he just said.” Dr. Colby recaps that Eric’s condition is worsening, and he strongly recommends against him doing the fashion show, which literally could kill him. Donna declares, “That’s it then,” but Eric blusters, “No, no, no.” He takes the doctor to task for coming in there, saying he’s dying, and thinking he’s just going to sit back and wait for it. “You’re very much mistaken, all due respect.”
Eric tells Donna, “I’m going to do this show. If this is the way I’m going out, I’m doing it on my own terms.” This is his gift, this is how he’s lived all his years. He won’t forego seeing his designs come to life. Donna gawps as Eric says that he’ll toast with a glass of champagne and die a happy man. “You think I’m going to give this up?! This collection will be a reality. I don’t care if it kills me. I don’t care.”
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In the main office, Ridge tells RJ, “You know you can tell me anything, right?” Brooke clucks at Ridge for putting their son on the spot. Having his grandfather for a mentor is a good thing. RJ admits he didn’t see this coming. He thought if he ever started designing it would be with him, “It’s just that Granddad…” They need each other right now. Ridge smiles as RJ describes how working with Eric is like magic. “Designing for him is life and nothing is going to stop him. That… I’m proud to be a part of that.” Ridge is proud too. He recaps that RJ didn’t want to do this at all before, “I just want to know if I’m missing something. Is my dad OK?”At the Forrester mansion, Donna cries, “I just can’t believe this. I’ve loved you for so long. I’ve dreamed of being with you, and I lost you once and it was the biggest mistake of my entire life. How am I going to lose you again?” Eric places their hands over each other’s hearts and teases that he’s going to live to 110 years old, he doesn’t care what the doctor says. He turns her to look at the designs. “This is my grand finale. It doesn’t matter that some doctor says I’m going to die.” As he utters these words, Katie opens the door and hears. She backs out silently, jaw on the ground and eavesdrops as Eric tells Donna he’s alive when he’s with her. “I love you.” Donna cries, “I love you so much.” Eric says he’s going to take a walk and chides, “Chin up, Donna Logan,” before exiting out the back of the room. Donna collapses on the sofa and sobs. Katie walks in and asks, “Donna! Is that I heard jus now true?! That Eric is dying?!” Donna sniffs, “Yeah, it’s true. The doctor was just here and he gave us the news.” Katie holds her sister as she weeps. Katie can’t believe she’s been going through this by herself. She assures the blonde that she won’t lose Eric, who has a strong, vital lifeforce. She asks if Ridge knows. Donna says no, Eric doesn’t want him to know. Katie protests that Ridge’s father is dying — he has to be told!

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