Richard Hammond defends ‘authentic’ Clarkson’s Farm as Jeremy gives disappointing update

Richard Hammond defends ‘authentic’ Clarkson’s Farm as Jeremy gives disappointing update

Richard Hammond had nothing but praise when speaking about his Grand Tour co-star Jeremy Clarkson and his hit Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm.
Although Jeremy Clarkson’s show has been extremely popular with Amazon viewers, the farming series has faced its fair share of controversy.

From clashing with locals who believed his Diddly Squat Farm was not a serious venture to being denied planning permission for a restaurant, Clarkson has faced some setbacks.
However, Clarkson’s friend and The Grand Tour co-star Richard Hammond rushed to his defence, confessing the show is authentic.

When asked by Dermot O’Leary on This Morning whether or not he watches the show, Richard admitted he does as he branded it “fantastic”.

He added: “I think it’s, again, genuine. Our show has always worked together because we love our subject.“You don’t have to, and we will argue about it, you don’t have to know or understand what the argument is.

“It’s just fun watching people argue about their passion and Jeremy’s farm show is the same.

“It’s a real thing, he loves it. It’s not done for telly, it’s something that he likes.”

The Prime Video series first aired back in 2021 and has been documenting Clarkson’s transition into farm life as he tries to establish Diddly Squat Farm.Along the way, viewers have been introduced to a charismatic cast including fan-favourite Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland, Gerald Cooper and his partner Lisa Hogan.

In the latest series, Clarkson faced a wave of battles with Oxford Council as he tried to get permission to open his Diddly Squat restaurant.

Although recently it’s been revealed he’s one step closer to success as the Planning Inspectorate granted permission for the car park extension.

With many keen to see the next instalment of Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy issued a disappointing update on Instagram.“There’s something we are trying which won’t be resolved till then. So it’s a while off yet.”

However, despite the lengthy wait, viewers were thrilled to know Clarkson’s Farm will be returning.

Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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