Steven Williams Joins Cast of FBI: Most Wanted as Ray Cannon Sr.

Steven Williams Joins Cast of FBI: Most Wanted as Ray Cannon Sr.

Steven Williams, known for roles in 21 Jump Street and The X-Files, joins the cast of FBI: Most Wanted as Ray Cannon Sr. His character is slated to debut in the episode titled ‘Footsteps,’ airing on February 20. The addition of his character is expected to provide deeper insight into Ray Cannon’s background and motivations.

Renowned actor Steven Williams, recognized for his remarkable roles in 21 Jump Street and The X-Files, has been cast in the CBS television series, FBI: Most Wanted. Williams is set to play the character Ray Cannon Sr., the father of Special Agent Ray Cannon, portrayed by Edwin Hodge. His character is expected to debut in the episode, “Footsteps,” scheduled to air on February 20, and is foreseen to make multiple appearances throughout the series.

Deepening the Narrative

The upcoming episode will revolve around the Fugitive Task Force’s response to a series of bombings targeting retired NYPD officers. More than a high-stakes investigation, the narrative will also explore the personal life of Ray Cannon as he navigates and progresses in his relationship with Cora. The introduction of Ray’s father, played by Williams, is anticipated to offer viewers a deeper look into Ray’s background and motivations for pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Williams’ Impact on the Show

Edwin Hodge, who plays Ray Cannon, expressed his excitement about working with Williams, citing his unique intensity and humor as valuable additions to the father-son dynamic on the show. Given the reduced number of episodes this season due to strikes, Williams’ role is particularly significant as it adds a compelling layer to the storyline.

Anticipation Among Fans

Fans of the series are encouraged to tune into the new episode as part of CBS’ 2024 spring schedule. The addition of Steven Williams to the cast is expected to heighten the drama and provide a fresh perspective, making the upcoming episodes a must-watch for viewers.

Shantel VanSanten, who played the role of Special Agent Nina Chase, is transitioning from FBI to FBI: Most Wanted for the show’s fifth season. She continues her on-screen relationship with FBI’s Stuart Scola as they raise their infant son Douglas together, adding another dimension to the plot.

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