The biggest compliment from Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen

The biggest compliment from Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is famous for his harsh criticism of chefs in many of his reality TV shows. Instead, here are a few examples of him being nice to Hell’s Kitchen contestants.

Hearing a compliment from Gordon Ramsay’s mouth isn’t something that happens often. He is extremely critical, judgmental and cruelly harsh.

When Gordon shares his honest opinion with emerging chefs, it’s often not very positive. However, at times Gordon’s words were uplifting and commendable.

Here are a few examples of some of the biggest compliments to come from Gordon’s mouth on Hell’s Kitchen.

“Tofu I have never been a big fan… until now.”

A chef named ‘T’ was nervous when he introduced his tofu dish to Gordon in an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Luckily, everything worked out in her favor.

T serves chicken dumplings with light broth and ginger butter tofu. Gordon took a bite and was immediately impressed. He complimented her dish on how delicious it was and how it used vegetables.

“You were always a joy to be around and you brought smiles to all of our faces.”

When a Hell’s Kitchen contestant named Sterling was eliminated from the show, Gordon did not eliminate him in the callously aggressive way he usually does.

Instead, he praised Sterling’s character and attitude. He even allowed Sterling to keep his chef’s jacket so he wouldn’t be eliminated.

“It looks like you’ve been cooking for 15 years, cooking to perfection.”

During the fifth season of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon spoke with a contestant named Ji-Hyun Cha about her signature dish. He was fascinated by the bass she presented and saw a lot of potential in her.

Unfortunately, she got injured and went home early. However, there is a high possibility that she will win if she can persevere.

“He is one of the most passionate chefs I have ever met. It was great to see.”

Milly Medley was one contestant who saw a softer side of Gordon in Season 14.

Milly’s confidence as a chef continued to grow throughout the season, but it reached an all-time high during his one-on-one conversation with Gordon. Milly’s passion for cooking was so notable that Gordon felt inclined to draw attention to it.

Gordon hurls insults at Hell’s Kitchen contestants like no other, so it’s refreshing to witness those rare moments when hard-working chefs make him proud.

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