The Odd Way Fans Realized ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Isn’t Funny

The Odd Way Fans Realized ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Isn’t Funny

See the interesting way former fans have gone about discovering and proving that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ isn’t actually funny.
The Big Bang Theory is, at last, concluding its long run with an hour-long series finale, one that is destined to leave fans of the sitcom teary-eyed as they bid farewell to the characters they have allowed to fill their homes every Thursday night.

While The Big Bang Theory is classified as a sitcom and has been one of the most successful of its breed, in recent years competing with the likes of Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Goldbergs, many fans argue that the series, rather than presenting humorous – situationally comedic – moments, is downright unfunny and mean.

Some former fans argue that the treatment of women running rampant in the series is sexist and misogynistic, while others claim that the jokes are made at the expense of the scientists, and serve to mock and ridicule the very population and culture the show was initially aimed at satisfying.

So, how could a show that has been so successful for twelve seasons present such sources of conflict, and continue to thrive? Why do so many viewers still find the show amusing, at least to some extent? How come millions of fans keeping tuning in every week?

Many cite the laugh tracks as the show’s most deceptive trick: with a laugh track placed over all the rude, offensive, or awkward remarks, former fans argue that the lackluster writing skates by unnoticed. So, guess what have fans done to discover whether the show is actually funny?

Fans have begun watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ minus the laugh tracks

If you take to Youtube searching for clips from The Big Bang Theory minus the laugh tracks, you will have no issue finding several moments edited to exclude them. Fans began creating these videos in an attempt to prove how awkward the show would be if the laugh tracks were removed.

In a dire effort to prove that the writers behind The Big Bang Theory have grown lazy, if not entirely offensive, these videos slowly began taking over the internet. Some of the videos have hundreds of thousands of views, while others have millions! So clearly, there’s a significant trend at play here.

Those who create these videos share a similar mindset and philosophy: by removing the laugh tracks, they will have a shot at exposing the show for how “awful” it truly is, as one video creator stated. Unfortunately, for those taking the time to edit these clips, videos such as these are often only found and spread among those who already harbor negative feelings towards the subject matter at hand.

Why is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ending?

Though The Big Bang Theory will end this year, it likely has nothing to do with the various youtube videos mentioned above. Jim Parsons announced earlier that season twelve would be his last, at which point Chuck Lorre (creator) and the others involved had to decide whether or not they would proceed with the series.

Lorre explained to USA Today , “I was of the mind that the ensemble was perfect the way it was, and I didn’t want to continue with a major absence” So, it’s likely that Jim Parsons’ decision to exit the series and pursue other opportunities weighed heavily on the choice to end the show. However, it’s likely that, as Lorre explained, the show would have ended had any of the pivotal cast members decided to call it quits.

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