The One Thing The Big Bang Theory Cast Mutually Couldn’t Stand Of Kunal Nayyar

The One Thing The Big Bang Theory Cast Mutually Couldn’t Stand Of Kunal Nayyar

The Big Bang Theory cast agreed Kunal Nayyar struggled with one specific thing off-set.

Kunal Nayyar first rose to fame portraying Raj Koothrappali on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Throughout the show’s twelve seasons, Nayyar quickly won the fans over with his charming personality and unique character quirks. This is why Chuck Lorre fought to keep Nayyar on the series when producers wanted to write him off the show during season 8.

Throughout his twelve years on TBBT, Nayyar became very close to his co-stars. After so many years working together, they became good friends and even began considering each other family. Despite their great relationship, the entire cast hated some of Nayyar’s behaviors on set, including his not-so-great driving skills.

The Big Bang Theory Cast Had A Lot To Say About Kunal Nayyar’s Parking Skills
During a 2016 appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, the cast of The Big Bang Theory discussed their pet peeves about each other. Suddenly, Kunal Nayyar became the center of the conversation, with all of them ganging up to talk about the one thing they couldn’t stand about his co-star.

“Is it true that you all have a problem about how Kunal parks his car?” the host asked the cast. Kaley Cuoco quickly replied “Yes,” while the rest of their co-stars just nodded. Then, the actress went on to explain the problem. “We’re all parking next to each other, and the spaces are not that big,” Cuoco said. “He’d get his big-ass car and pull it so far that the whole backside of it is out and I had to park next to him. So every time, I pull in, I feel like ‘Kuuunaaal!'”

In his defense, Nayyar said that he did this because his car’s doors only opened upward. But O’Brien quickly shot that down by showing a photograph of how badly the actor would park his car.

“He’s halfway on the mark, leaving lots of room on one side, not as much on the other,” the host said, noting that the actor was given “an extra wide space.” Although Cuoco admitted that his co-star’s parking skills had “gotten better” over the years, they were clearly still annoyed by this issue.

Kunal Nayyar Has An Impressive Car Collection

Kunal Nayyar has amassed an impressive $45 million net worth. Most of his wealth comes from his successful run on The Big Bang Theory. According to Screen Rant, Nayyar’s salary went from $45,000 during the first season to a million per episode during the show’s last season.

Like many celebrities, the actor spent his hard-earned money on luxuries, including a lavish house and several sports cars. In 2015, the actor posted about his BMW i8 Hybrid which now carries a retail price of around $137,500, according to Kelley Blue Book. But that’s not the only pricey car the actor has purchased. According to The List, Nayyar’s car collection includes a Ferrari 458, a Maserati GranTurismo, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Mercedes-Benz CL 550.

The reason why the actor has spent so much money on cars is actually heartwarming. “Ever since I was a kid, my idea of success was a Ferrari,” Nayyar shared in a 2017 Instagram post showing his latest acquisition.

“When I was lucky enough to make a living doing the very thing that I love, I realized that I was afraid of having nice things because people would judge me. I waited a long time to get this car, and the only reason I didn’t, was I thought people would think I was a show-off, or pretentious or whatever other word one can use to put you in a box. But now I know what a waste of time it is- to live life on other people’s terms. So… Hello gorgeous, welcome to the family.”

A Traumatic Experience Tainted Kunal’s Love For Cars

Most recently, Kunal Nayyar reunited with his former TBBT co-star Mayim Bialik for an interview for her podcast Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown. During their interview, the actor opened up about a traumatic experience that tainted his love for cars.

“When I began to struggle mentally, when I began to have those dark episodes, that was very shocking to me,” Kunal said of his mental health struggles. “My first panic anxiety was when I was 30 when I had a panic attack on the highway. I didn’t know what that was. Ever since then, I’ve had to fight some kind of battle with panic or anxiety.”

The actor, then went on to describe the experience, “I just went, ‘Oh there’s lots of traffic ahead’, because I was just embarrassed. I’m having this full-blown panic attack inside, now I’m getting embarrassed so I’m pulling off and joking.” Unfortunately, the issue persisted and it got so bad that the actor couldn’t even look at his car ket without starting to feel panic.

Although therapy helped him greatly, he then started having other kind of issues. “When I started getting better and driving on the highway again, it began to happen in elevators,” he admitted. “Three years after working on the highway.”

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