The Twilight Show Has A Perfect Way To Bring Back The Original Cast (But It Will Probably Never Happen)

The Twilight Show Has A Perfect Way To Bring Back The Original Cast (But It Will Probably Never Happen)

The Twilight TV reboot has a way to involve the original cast, but it’s unlikely that lead actors Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart will return.

The Twilight TV reboot has sparked debates over who should be cast in the upcoming show’s main roles, and while the original actors have aged out of playing Bella and Edward, there’s still a perfect way for them to return. The Twilight movies saw Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart playing the books’ heroes, and the duo are still associated with the franchise years later. The upcoming Twilight reboot will face similar challenges to Max’s Harry Potter TV show when it comes to replacing the original cast.

The Twilight movies are iconic releases from the 2000s and 2010s, so the reboot series should honor what came before. There are numerous ways it could do this, and one of them is to include the original Twilight cast in some capacity. Although the most familiar faces will no longer be able to reprise their roles, there are other ways they could cameo in the upcoming show, providing a fun Easter egg for longtime fans.The Original Twilight Cast Is The Perfect Age To Play New Roles In The TV Reboot
Pattinson and Stewart are both in their 30s, so playing Edward and Bella in the Twilight TV reboot would be an impossible task. They’ll pass the baton to fresh new faces, much like the Golden Trio from the Harry Potter movies. However, the original Twilight actors are just the right age to take on other roles in the beloved teen franchise. Both stars are around the same age as the Twilight movies’ Carlisle and Esme actors. Peter Facinelli was 34 years old when he played the Cullen family patriarch, and Elizabeth Reaser was 32 years old while playing his immortal wife.

With Pattinson and Stewart being 37 and 33, respectively, they can just as easily tackle the roles of the adult Cullens. This would make for a fun cameo that would honor the former adaptations without depending too much on the original cast. And both Pattinson and Stewart capture the looks of Carlisle and Esme well, making them great choices even outside their original involvement. Wednesday saw success in bringing original Wednesday Addams star Christina Ricci back in a new role, and Twilight can do the same. Sadly, it’s unlikely it will happen.

Why Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Will Probably Never Cameo In The Twilight Show

Although the Twilight reboot taking a leaf out of Wednesday’s book would add a nice touch for longtime fans, it’s questionable whether Pattinson or Stewart would cameo in the upcoming series. Both stars have been vocal about their time working on Twilight, and they’ve both questioned and poked fun at the franchise on multiple occasions. Pattinson was nearly fired from Twilight, and his comments after the fact raise questions about whether he’d return. In 2020, he told Variety that the entire concept of Twilight was “weird.” He also likened his own character to an “axe murderer” during an interview with OK Magazine (via MTV).

Stewart seems to look back on the franchise more fondly, but she’s also poked fun at it — and discussed how difficult it can be to land more “serious” roles afterward. Although she told Interview magazine that her memories of Twilight are “really good” back in 2015, she noted the difficulty of convincing studios that she’s a “serious actor” after being in such a franchise. Pattinson echoed similar sentiments while speaking to Vanity Fair. Given how hard both actors have worked to move beyond their Twilight roles, it seems unlikely that they’d appear in the upcoming Twilight show — but, of course, anything’s possible.

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