‘Twilight’: Robert Pattinson Shared the Secret To His Chemistry With Kristen Stewart in the Movie

‘Twilight’: Robert Pattinson Shared the Secret To His Chemistry With Kristen Stewart in the Movie

For Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the connection that they shared extended far beyond the big screen. The pair were in a serious relationship throughout their tenure filming the Twilight Saga movies. While fans were obsessed with their off-screen romance, they were even more enthralled with the relationship that their characters, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen shared. But what was it that made the chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart so palpable on screen?

Stewart has been open about the fact that she felt an instant synergy with Pattinson right off the bat. She’d already been cast in Twilight when Pattison auditioned for the role of Edward. She felt that his work far outshone all the other actors who were up for the role and she advocated for him to land the part. Pattinson also felt in awe of Stewart as he was familiar with some of her previous work.

‘Twilight’ fans loved the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The chemistry only grew as the pair began working together. In an interview with Collider, Pattinson shared that the intensity of some of the scenes in Twilight lent themselves to developing intimacy with Stewart. “It was strange,” Pattinson shared. “Like I definitely had a thing with Kristen like that. I mean, all the scenes are pretty intense and when you’re working with one person most of the time especially on a relationship that seems impossible when you first start it you get like a little bubble.”

The Twilight alum continued on to share that he believed that the real secret to his chemistry with Stewart had a lot to do with their real-life personalities. According to the actor, his true persona is in direct contrast with Edward and the same is true for Stewart and Bella. “I think it was just doing the opposite of what the actual story is, thinking about it in the opposite way,” Pattinson shared.

Pattinson shared the secret to his on-screen chemistry

Pattinson even recalled feeling this direct contrast when he was auditioning for Twilight. Even in a scene where Edward was supposed to be displaying the extent of his power, he played the role in a wounded way. Stewart, on the other hand, lent her strength to what could easily be seen as the weaker character.“Right from the beginning in the audition we did the meadow scene which isn’t in a meadow in the film, but it’s supposed to be about, I guess, him trying to intimidate her and her looking at him with nothing but love and adoration and awe, as if this god has just come down to meet her,” Pattinson revealed about his Twilight audition. “But I really thought and I played it as this god is broken at this normal girl’s feet. Even the position that we were in at the end I was literally kneeling at her feet.”

Pattinson breaks down his ‘Twilight’ audition

The Twilight alum continued on to share how different he and Stewart are from their characters. “I can’t remember what happens in the movie, but that was in the audition,” Pattinson stated. “She was doing this mothering thing as he’s looking to this normal girl for support. I think that really works. She’s very strong. She’s not a damsel type girl. It’s weird. They just cast the opposite people. I’m a wreck and she’s really strong and it’s supposedly the other way around. I think that’s why it kind of worked.”

Pattinson certainly had a unique way of explaining the chemistry between him and Stewart in Twilight. We’re sure the actors’ personal feelings only added to the chemistry that fans felt between them on screen. While there’s been no talk of the actors reuniting on screen, we’d love to see what would happen if they stepped into different characters in a future project.

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