15 Funniest I Love Lucy Episodes

All the episodes of I Love Lucy are funny, but from Lucy’s new diet to meeting Superman, these episodes see the show at its best.

The Best I Love Lucy Episodes

I Love Lucy is one of the funniest sitcoms of all time. The great writing and performances came together to create a comedy masterpiece that spanned six seasons and 180 episodes. They maintained this high level of quality so consistently that even the bad episodes were good.

Because of this, choosing the funniest episodes is a difficult task. Every episode has at least one or two great scenes. Every episode gets a laugh from the audience. However, there are a few episodes that might be said to be among the best. They hit all the beats just right, they’ve got great dialogue and one-liners, and the actors are at the top of their game. Even better, some of these episodes were bold enough to try things that television shows haven’t tried before.

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