90 Day Fiancé: Rob & Sophie’s Cheating Scandal Explained

90 Day Fiancé season 10 couple Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne have both accused each other of cheating, making it hard to know who is telling the truth.

90 Day Fiancé couple Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra have both accused each other of cheating during season 10. Rob, a 32-year-old from California, and Sophie, 23, from the United Kingdom, star in the 2023 edition of the reality TV show. Sophie was born to a Black father and a White mother in a wealthy household. She grew up in Spain where she faced bullying because of her skin color. Sophie decided to date a mixed-race man who would have common experiences like her in life and found Rob on an Instagram page. She followed him, and the two began talking two years ago.

Sophie soon flew to Los Angeles to stay with Rob. Rob and Sophie got engaged so she could come to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. Sophie is used to living a wealthy lifestyle in houses with maids. However, she was ready to move into Rob’s apartment with no bathroom in it as long as it was a temporary situation, and he would work hard to move into a better place. It isn’t just their different backgrounds and finances that make Rob and Sophie an incompatible pair. They have also accused each other of cheating while they race towards the altar to get married in 90 days.

Does Sophie Come From A Wealthy Family On 90 Day Fiancé?

Rob’s Friend Caught Sophie Using A Dating App
Sophie and Robert from 90 Day Fiance, smiling
Before Sophie’s arrival, Rob visited a studio with his friend Tor’i to practice a welcome dance and airport proposal. At this point, Tor’i had met Sophie once or twice. He got “low iffy” vibes from her and claimed she did things that made him feel like she was not in America for Rob. Tor’i told Rob he’d seen Sophie on Bumble the last time she was in L.A. He saw Sophie on the “date side” of the app, which he thought was a red flag. However, Rob insisted Sophie may have accidentally switched from the friend-searching part of the app to the dating one.

Tor’i thought Rob was scared of confronting the truth because he was afraid of getting hurt. Rob decided he was going to mention Sophie being on “dating apps” to her while she confronted him about his online cheating. Sophie said she has the app to meet friends whenever she is traveling. She claimed to have shown Rob the app when she came to L.A. and said, “I was never on the dating side, I was on the friend side.” Sophie told Rob she is loyal, unlike Rob who had guilt in his eyes. Instead of admitting he was wrong, Sophie noticed Rob getting angrier.

Sophie Saw Rob Following A Naughty Instagram Page

During 90 Day Fiancé season 10 episode 3, Sophie and Rob were taking a walk down the beach when she heard his phone ping. As Rob fished his phone out to take a look at the notification, Sophie saw a photo of a scantily dressed woman. He said it was a “random post” by a page featuring a woman in a Dora the Explorer outfit with booty shorts. Sophie did not like it. Rob accused Sophie of being jealous. He told her it wasn’t like he was following similar girls on Instagram. It was just a page that posted the photo.

Rob reminded Sophie that she found him on one such page. Sophie told him it was when she was still single, and she doesn’t follow the page anymore. Rob replied that he wouldn’t know because he doesn’t snoop on Sophie’s phone. Still, Rob hasn’t necessarily been the most loyal fiancé. Sophie has already given him the benefit of the doubt over a similar issue.

Sophie Believes Rob Cheated On Her In 2020

Sophie admitted that she and Rob hit a rough patch during COVID-19. They couldn’t see each other, and Rob started speaking to a girl online during that time. Sophie told her friend Maya about the incident. Maya met Rob when Sophie went to L.A. Maya thought Rob was a gentleman at first, but her opinion changed after Sophie told her about Rob talking to someone else. A girl messaged Sophie and told her, “Look what your boyfriend’s been doing.”

Rob had sent “sexual videos of himself” to someone else, according to Maya. Maya started wondering how Sophie could trust Rob when he was thousands of miles away. Sophie wanted to discuss this incident with Rob which she did after coming to America. Rob asked Sophie when she was going to let it go. Rob didn’t think it was cheating when all he did was respond to somebody. “Literally, it didn’t last more than a day… like, what an hour,” he added.

Rob kept arguing that what he did wasn’t cheating. He said he was bored at home one night when someone started to send him pictures and videos, so he started talking to them. “I’ve done nothing else,” said Rob. He wanted Sophie to give him “credit” that all he did in two and a half years of dating was respond to another person when they had not been together for months.

Sophie Has Kept Her Sexuality A Secret From Rob

During her meeting with Maya in London, Sophie let out another secret, telling Maya that she’s bisexual. Sophie didn’t think her sexuality was anyone’s business, so she didn’t feel the need to announce it. Sophie always knew she was attracted to women because her first crush when she was five or six was a girl. Sophie felt she pushed her attraction towards women aside because it became easier for her to date men. She wanted to get it off her chest and also wanted to explore her sexuality before she married without ruining her relationship.

Sophie has been thinking of getting together with a woman one day in the future if Rob would be willing to negotiate. However, Sophie has yet to tell Rob about it. She loves everything about Rob, but Sophie’s desire to have sex with a woman could certainly create major problems between her and Rob in the rest of 90 Day Fiancé season 10.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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