As FBI’s Next Case Gets Personal For Jubal, Jeremy Sisto Told Us About The ‘Really Tragic Situation’ On The Way

As FBI’s Next Case Gets Personal For Jubal, Jeremy Sisto Told Us About The ‘Really Tragic Situation’ On The Way

Here’s what Jeremy Sisto told us about the tough spot coming up for Jubal.

FBI made its long-awaited return to CBS in the 2024 TV schedule with a Season 6 premiere that shook people up with a terrorist threat. The next new episode, airing on February 20, will shift the focus over to Jubal and combine the personal with the professional. Jeremy Sisto spoke with CinemaBlend about what’s next for his character, including why the situation is going to be so tragic.

The second episode of Season 6 is called “Remorse,” and will put the team on the case of tracking a killer and a missing woman, per CBS’ description. They’ll uncover a connection to a past case of Jubal’s, which the promo indicates isn’t a good thing. And if that’s not enough, he’ll have to deal with Tyler’s suspension from school! Jeremy Sisto previewed how the case of the week will connect to his character, saying:

”It’s a really tragic situation. It is a mistake. A mistake has been made by Jubal in the past, but it’s a mistake that comes with the job. He made the wrong call. He didn’t make the wrong call because he was approaching the job wrong. He made the wrong call because sometimes wrong calls are made. I think he’s dealt with this kind of stuff in the past, but this one’s just really tragic… The result of a mistake has some pretty tragic consequences.”

While the actor didn’t drop an hour’s worth of spoilers ahead of the new episode, he shared that this is a mistake that came out of Jubal just doing his job. For the character’s sake, hopefully this means that the mistake wasn’t due to him drinking on the job, particularly after he fell off the wagon during Season 5. (You can revisit Season 5 streaming with a Paramount+ subscription.) Only time will tell, of course, but at least the tragedy doesn’t sound like it will hit him as hard as losing Rina on the job!

In light of how these tragedies and challenges have piled up for Jubal after more than 100 episodes of FBI, how do they inform Jeremy Sisto’s acting choices on a procedural TV show? I asked the actor that very question, and he shared:

”I think they inform the audience’s experience of the character. In episodes that don’t focus on Jubal’s personal life or where he is just intensely engaged in the case at hand, I as an actor am not thinking about his struggle with alcoholism or his son’s cancer in real time. But that has informed the character that people are watching. That’s what’s cool about a show like this. You have one episode where that stuff is revealed, and for the fans of the show, those storylines are part of every time you see that character now, because that’s how you understand the character.”

As a procedural, FBI generally shifts the focus between characters from week to week. Season 6 began with Tiff in the spotlight; now, Jubal will clearly have a heavy hand in Episode 2 of 2024. For Jeremy Sisto, this means just focusing on Jubal doing his job most of the time, while viewers keep tally of what the character has gone through. Sisto continued:

”It’s a different show if he’s constantly dealing with his stuff. At the end of the day, these are people who are good at their job. Not perfect at their job, but they’re good at the job, and that’s what we love to watch. We love to watch how they are able to use the machine of the FBI to prevent tragedies and to solve crimes.”

The format of the show is clearly a hit for CBS now that it has hit and surpassed the 100-episode milestone, so it seems like a safe bet that FBI will continue doing more of the same in Season 6. Whether Jubal will ever catch a break with his personal life remains to be seen, especially if his kids are featured in a given week! For now, check out the promo for the next new episode:

Tune in to CBS on Tuesday, February 20 at 8 p.m. ET for the “Remorse” episode of FBI Season 6, which will be followed as usual by FBI: International at 9 p.m. and FBI: Most Wanted at 10 p.m. International will need to pick up in the aftermath of losing a series regular, while Most Wanted will keep chasing fugitives with a former FBI star on board.

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