‘Blue Bloods’ fans believe they know which characters will be eliminated from Season 14

‘Blue Bloods’ fans believe they know which characters will be eliminated from Season 14

Even when something is missing, true fans continue to watch the beloved show.

Blue Bloods just finished season 13, but instead of getting fans excited for season 14, the show’s creators announced that there will be major budget cuts and some cast members will not be returning after the hiatus.

The series has a large fan base due to its success as a CBS police procedural. And it seems like they don’t want to lose any of the beloved characters, whether due to budget cuts or other factors.

Fans on Reddit have begun speculating about who will leave the show in the upcoming season.

“After watching the finale, I believe the storyline about Erin’s run for District Attorney was cut due to budget constraints.” They’ll have to pay the actress who plays the DA now to appear in a few episodes next season if she doesn’t run away. Redditor gprimr1 explains: “By not giving Erin a run, they could get rid of the DA character and save money.
Fans were very sad about Erin’s departure. Many of them expressed their feelings about this fact and all agreed that they were very sad.

But there is another widespread belief about Erin’s future. According to fans, the story of whether she will become DA or not has been teasing fans for a long time.

However, they gave her as little character development as possible, leaving fans hoping that one day she would be mature enough to become a prosecutor.

So, honestly, it doesn’t really matter whether Erin’s possible departure from Season 14 was due to budget cuts or simply the end of a story that couldn’t be developed any further.

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