Blue Bloods Season 14 Setting a Romance Arc for Danny, but is It Jackie or Baez?

Blue Bloods Season 14 Setting a Romance Arc for Danny, but is It Jackie or Baez?

It would be ironic if Danny favored someone else…


– Blue Bloods is not only a police procedural, but also a family drama.
– Many fans have been speculating for years whether Danny can find the ultimate happiness.
– And it looks like he can indeed find love, as hinted at in the second episode of Season 14.

We still have 16 episodes of the fourteenth and final season of Blue Bloods ahead of us, but fans of CBS’ flagman police procedural show are already getting hints as to how the nearly 14-year series might end, and the second episode, Dropping Bombs, was particularly enlightening. The title was definitely on point, as the writers did indeed drop bombs on the hearts of the fans (and characters as well).

Not much has happened in the two episodes in terms of plot development so far: Frank and Mayor Chase are still having childish arguments, Eddie is once again in an ambiguous situation (but this time she was right), and Danny, following up on the Season 13 finale, is still chasing the serial killer Dr. Walker. In general, everything seems to be business as usual, as if we were not getting episodes from a final season, and therefore the writers did not have to gradually wrap up the story arcs.

And while the narrative of the second episode was only mildly substantial, a few lines in it became pivotal, as shippers’ long-held desires may finally be fulfilled, since the finale will likely involve Danny acknowledging his own romantic feelings. But which of the shippers will be delighted? Who is Danny’s ultimate choice, Baez or Jackie?

The New Episode Offered More Than Just Subtle Clues

The main clue that drove fans bonkers last week was the uncomfortable yet meaty dialogue during the interrogation between Danny and Walker. The latter tried to manipulate Danny’s feelings in order to figure out who he really cares for and why he’s still not in a relationship.

The serial killer teased that Danny was afraid to start a relationship because of the trauma of Linda’s death, since the cop supposedly believes that if he has an affair, his lover will be killed immediately. Although this point was made solely to hurt the cop, Danny admitted the reason for his stoic reluctance.

‘You were right. I don’t want to start a relationship with my partner, because I don’t want anyone that I love to ever be put in danger again,’ he replied. But who is the partner in question?

So Is It Baez or Jackie?

Of course, the most obvious choice is either of them, not only because they have managed to be his immediate professional partners, but also because the narrative has specifically hinted at them.

Many of us sincerely hope that Danny and Baez end up together. And even though it would be a violation of the work ethic if one of them had to go, it’s certainly better that way than if they just had to break up one day, as Danny and Jackie have already done.

”But Daez fans must have been incredibly tense by the end of the episode, because the dialogue between Danny and Jackie turned out to be much warmer and even more flirtatious than we could have ever imagined. Both noted that they missed each other more than they missed working together.”

However, there’s no denying that the writers are just trolling the audience. Fans of both ships may be left without food, as Danny’s choice could end up being someone completely different.

Well, perhaps further hints of who Danny will stay with, and if he will stay with anyone at all, will be provided in an upcoming episode. Yet there’s no denying that all of this is just foreshadowing the decisions Danny will make in the second half of Season 14, which will air this fall. In the meantime, the next episode will be released on March 1, 2024.

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