Erika Alexander was overcome with emotion when she recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show and found a special message from Queen Latifah. Barrymore delivered the surprise for Alexander during the show’s Final Five segment, where the guest answers rapid-fire questions. Although the segment usually airs during the final part of the show, Barrymore decided to do something different for this episode.

“I’ve never done it in the middle of the show, but I just felt like this felt fitting because someone’s actually here to ask you the questions,” Barrymore said.

A second later, the big screen on the set revealed Queen Latifah, causing Alexander to immediately respond with shock. She starred alongside Latifah, Kim Coles and Kim Fields in Living Single. The show ran from 1993 to 1998 and revolved around four friends in Brooklyn.
Latifah proceeded with the pre-recorded message: “Hey, Erika! Surprise! It’s Dana — Queen Latifah to everybody else. We had so much fun doing Living Single that I think the world needs to share a little bit of that. So I’m here for ‘Final Five.’ You ready? What is one behind-the-scenes moment that you will never forget?”
Alexander had to compose herself before she could speak again.

“First of all, thank you. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her. I love her,” the 54-year-old actress said.

Alexander then congratulated Latifah on the success she’s having with her show, The Equalizer. She then proceeded to reflect on her favorite moments from Living Single.

“We used to have so much fun and we would undress in front of each other and compare breasts,” she said before bursting out in laughter.

Alexander admitted that she had the smallest breasts compared to her co-stars, but the main thing for her was the support they showed toward each other.

“I love that we had that sort of thing where we really cheered each other on,” Alexander said. “Also, with our bodies — because we were women that were considered bigger women on TV and to actually go and have our first person that saw us in wardrobe go, ‘Look at that! Look at how they’re sitting up. Those are fine!’ We gave ourselves a lot of encouragement.”
As Latifah appeared on the screen for the next question, she asked her friend to describe her in one word.

“I’ll describe her as she describes herself: a queen,” Alexander answered.

Asked to name a trend she wants to bring back, Alexander said she would like to see the return Cazal glasses that rappers rocked in the ’80s and ’90s.

Latifah also asked her former co-star to reveal a secret talent of hers.

“I can act like I have a nose job,” Alexander said.

She then pinched her nostrils together and displayed a nose shape that’s not normally possible. Finally, Alexander was asked to reveal the strangest dream she ever had.

“I had a dream about a wolf in my kitchen,” she said. “I kept trying to kill it because it was attacking my dogs and I asked my boyfriend in the dream — he was tossing me knives, butter knives, things that would slip through my hands. I was like ‘no, no.’ Finally, a sharp knife. And I put it in the wolf.”
She concluded that the wolf then disappeared and she woke up from the dream. Alexander said she later found a dream book when she went to Woodstock. A pregnant woman at Woodstock interpreted the dream, saying somebody might be trying to steal from her.

“Because she was pregnant, I said I’d love to see a picture of your baby,” Alexander said. “So, she brought me a picture. It was a Polaroid. And it was her in my clothes. And that was the wolf in my kitchen. That’s the first time I knew the dream was coming from a different dimension.”

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