Everything to Know About ‘FBI’ Season 6, Including the Latest Cast Updates

FBI, from the minds of Craig Turk and famous Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, follows the inner workings of an office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation located in New York City. The fast-paced CBS procedural was renewed for a Season 6 way back in May 2022, at the same time it was renewed for a Season 5. (Translation? Fans love it.) Now, with the writers’ and actors’ strikes in the preview, its long-delayed sixth season is finally completed.

Catch up on where the series left off and what you can expect from the rest of FBI Season 6, including who is in and out from the cast.

How did Season 5 of FBI end?

The fifth season of FBI ends with an action-packed episode. After a prominent doctor was found murdered in a ritualistic style, the team was tasked with tracking down a serial killer with religious motivations. The killer was determined to have a God complex and was targeting those who influence the fate of others in one way or another.

Meanwhile, Special Agent Stuart Scola (John Boyd) was faced with a pressing life-or-death decision when doctors discovered that his pregnant partner, Agent Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten), had a potentially fatal listeria infection that was threatening both her and their unborn child. Scola was told he needed to decide who to save if the decision came down to Nina or the baby. After pondering for as long as he could, Scola told the doctors that Nina was the priority. Thankfully, all ended well, and Scola introduced the FBI team to his son, Douglas.

Will there be a Season 6 of FBI?

FBI fans need not worry—the series was already renewed for Season 6 in May 2022, when it was renewed for a Season 5. The sixth season is now underway.

What is the release date for Season 6 of FBI?

Normally the show will have come back in the fall of 2023, but it was delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. It premiered Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET.

When is the FBI Season 6 finale?

The Season 6 finale will air Tuesday, May 21 at 8 p.m. ET.

Who is cast in Season 6 of FBI?

The cast members include:

Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell

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