‘FBI’ Is Now Using Jubal in a Way That Excites Jeremy Sisto

‘FBI’ Is Now Using Jubal in a Way That Excites Jeremy Sisto

It’s not as easy for the FBIs to host big crossovers like Dick Wolf‘s other franchises, One Chicago and Law & Order; the Most Wanted team is on the move, and International is overseas. But thanks to video, we do see FBI‘s Jeremy Sisto bring Jubal Valentine to International often enough, including in the first two episodes of the third season. And the actor enjoys seeing that more.

As was established from the start of the latest spinoff in the franchise, Jubal and Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) have history, with the former noting, “If I had to go to war and could only pick two agents to go shoulder to shoulder with, he’d be one of them.”

“Those two are thick as thieves. They’ve been through it together. They’ve known each other for years, and their backstory is they’ve worked together many times,” Kleintank tells TV Insider. “He’s somebody that’s very important to him and vice versa.” So Jubal offering to hop on a plane (and pay for the ticket) after the explosion that took out the Fly Team’s headquarters wasn’t a surprise. “Jubal would have him come over to New York if you needed him to as well,” Kleintank adds.

Jubal also now has a pretty good relationship with the rest of the Fly Team, from the aforementioned video calls (“I think that just has now become a normal thing,” Kleintank says) and flying over to work with them during the three-show crossover last season.

“They’re using [Jubal] much more throughout their episodes, which I think is great,” Sisto says. “The JOC [Joint Operations Center] is such a useful component to these investigations that I’m excited to see that the Fly Team overseas is utilizing it.”

They’re also using Jubal’s connections, such as bringing in the doctor who saved Andre Raines‘ (Carter Redwood) leg in the International Season 3 premiere. “Well, I’m connected,” Sisto says. “I know doctors everywhere at all times.”

Having his character being used this way is something that the actor has wanted since he took the role. “When I first signed on, I really liked the idea of this guy who just knows people everywhere and knows their wives and husbands and kids’ names,” explains Sisto. “He’s one of those guys. And so yeah, it’s nice to be utilized like that on the other shows.”

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