Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly says she’s ‘not allowed’ in her father’s Michelin-starred restaurants

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly says she’s ‘not allowed’ in her father’s Michelin-starred restaurants

Matilda “Tilly” Ramsay, daughter of famed chef Gordon Ramsay, has become a celebrity in her own right. She’s currently on BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” dance competition, has made several appearances on “MasterChef” hosted by her dad, and she’s also a contestant on this season of “Celebrity MasterChef Australia.”

Though she’s revered as a young chef, Tilly shared a surprising tidbit with her “MasterChef” peers on the most recent episode, which aired on Monday night in Australia: She said she’s not allowed in her dad’s highest-decorated restaurants.

“I’m not even allowed in my dad’s Michelin-star restaurants so I don’t know what to do,” she said during Monday night’s episode as the contestants talked through their upcoming challenge of emulating dishes that would be on a five-course tasting menu, according to the Daily Mail.

Tilly’s peers were surprised and questioned whether she was making a joke. But she doubled down and said, “No I’m not. I’ve been once.”

Though she said hasn’t spent much time in fine-dining settings, her egg yolk ravioli ended up landing her a spot in the top three.

Despite not having been inside many of her father’s restaurants, the 20-year-old reality TV star has spent plenty of time with her dad outside of the kitchen.

The Michelin-star chef and TV personality told Insider in a December interview that Tilly introduced him to TikTok, where he now has 29.4 million followers and is the self-proclaimed judge of all things food. The father-daughter duo have become known for their dances and comedic videos on the app.

He is famously protective of his three daughters, Tilly, Holly Anna (21), and Megan (23). Insider previously reported that in a June interview with Extra, the chef joked that he intimidates their boyfriends with his knife skills.

Tilly Ramsay and representatives for Gordon Ramsay didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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