Jamie Dornan, star of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, hospitalized after heart attack scare

Jamie Dornan found himself in hospital after experiencing heart attack symptoms caused by a toxic caterpillar whilst on vacation in Portugal.

The incident was thought to have been caused by the hairs on the bugs, part of their defense mechanism against predators, whilst his friend, Gordon Smart, also suffered symptoms at the same time.

They had been drinking wine and cocktails the day prior, before their round of golf on the first night, as they enjoyed the warmer weather of the Iberian Peninsula onto to both fall ill and go to the ER.

Jamie said: ‘Dear me. Gordon, about 20 minutes after you left, my left arm went numb,” Smart said to The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected podcast. “My left leg went numb, my right leg went numb, and I found myself in the back of an ambulance’.”

The actor, known for his role in the erotic ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film series, experienced similar symptoms whilst playing golf in 2023 and according to Smart, can count himself lucky that he will walk away from this one still alive.

Smart had the same scare
Smart, the son of a doctor, began to panic once he felt the tingling in his limbs after he also had contact with one of the caterpillars.
The caterpillars are common on golf courses in the south of Portugal and have killed dogs and given men in their 40s cardiac arrests.

“Anyway, the next day, we played golf,” Smart added. “We were all absolutely dreadful and I started to feel tingling in my left hand and then tickling in my left arm.
“I’m the son of a GP and thought: ‘This is normally the sign of the start of a heart attack.”

“Now, I’m a fairly healthy guy but once you start thinking, you’re having a heart attack, you’re pretty sure that you’re convincing yourself that you are having one.”

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