Lisa Kudrow Thanks Matthew Perry for ‘Trusting Me’ During ‘the Best 10 Years a Person Gets to Have’ on ‘Friends’!

Lisa Kudrow has spoken out about the death of her close friend and co-star, Matthew Perry. The Friends star took to Instagram to reflect on the early days of the hit sitcom, which premiered in 1994. Kudrow thanked Perry for suggesting they play poker, a bonding experience that made the initial days on set so enjoyable. She also expressed her gratitude for Perry’s ability to make her laugh uncontrollably every day and for his openness and brilliance, even when he wasn’t feeling well. Acknowledging Perry’s struggle with addiction, Kudrow thanked him for showing up to work and delivering exceptional performances. She described the ten years they spent together as the best a person could have and thanked Perry for his trust. Kudrow concluded by expressing her gratitude for the lessons she learned about grace and love through her friendship with Perry.
Perry and Kudrow were often regarded as the standout talents of the show and shared a close bond both on and off the set. In a lighthearted segment on Piers Morgan Tonight, Perry jokingly referred to Kudrow as the second funniest cast member, behind himself. He praised her beauty, intelligence, and hilarity, expressing that she was one of his favorite people in the world. During the segment, they reminisced about their time on Friends and even discussed their onscreen kiss.

Looking back on the show’s end in 2004, both Kudrow and Perry admitted they would have continued if given the opportunity. Perry expressed his desire to go back in time and keep the show going, a sentiment that Kudrow agreed with. Their close friendship extended beyond the show, as Kudrow wrote the foreword for Perry’s memoir, in which she praised his intelligence and reflected on his battles with addiction.
Perry, in turn, expressed his gratitude for the support and understanding he received from his Friends family throughout his struggles. He compared their unwavering support to penguins who surround and prop up an injured member until it can stand on its own. The article concludes with a reminder to seek help for substance abuse through the SAMHSA helpline.

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