NCIS Hawai’i Recap 04/02/24: Season 3 Episode 5 “Serve and Protect”

NCIS Hawai’i Recap 04/02/24: Season 3 Episode 5 “Serve and Protect”

Tonight on CBS NCIS Hawaiʻi returns with an all-new season 3 episode 5 called, “Serve and Protect,”and we have your weekly NCIS Hawaiʻi recap below.
In tonight’s NCIS Hawaiʻi season 3 episode 5, as per the CBS synopsis, “When a Navy pilot is found murdered at a local military resort, the team goes undercover to discover a criminal enterprise hiding in plain sight.”

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NCIS Hawaii episode, Tatyana Sokolov was in Hawaii. Her family owns the larges private military firm in the world. They’ve made billions off of other people’s suffering and now Tatyana wants to attend a de-escalation peace conference. This conference was all about moving countries away from war.

She wants to take a company she now co-owns into a new direction. Only she was hated. There were swarms of protest as well as protestors on the island that didn’t want her there or have her be involved in the conference. NCIS was put in charge of her protection detail. Lucy was assigned to be at Tatyana’s side the whole time.

Guarding Tatyana was easier said than done. She was a handful. She was also hated quite a lot. The protestors set off a paint bomb to cover her in paint. The protestors tried to tackle her on the way to the conference and so this case was making everyone work for it. Lucy personally despised being Tatyana’s bodyguard.

Which Tatyana didn’t understand. She looked into the NCIS Agents that were working as her protection detail. She said that she and Lucy have a lot in common. They both come from warmongers.

They were both born into privilege and destruction. Lucy had to admit that she doesn’t have anything to do with her family’s business. Tatyana didn’t judge her for that. Tatyana even asked her why her brother Michael was taking over the family business. He wasn’t the oldest son. Was there something wrong with Lucy’s oldest brother?

Lucy wouldn’t talk about her family, but that wasn’t the only reason Tatyana said they were a lot alike. Tatyana wants to defect. She wants to turn her back on the family business and that’s why she agreed to attend the panel. She wanted to be in the United States long enough to defect.

Tatyana wants to leave her old life behind to start over in the United States. Her family doesn’t know about this plan. Lucy was the first person she told and that’s only because someone threatened to kill them.

Still, defection wasn’t easy. NCIS had to run up to the State Department. They were also going to need information in exchange for protecting Tatyana from the Russians. Tatyana does have dirt. She just wasn’t going to share it until there was agreement in place. Her father taught her many things. And that included rationing her bullets.

Tatyana didn’t want to burn bridges if she was going to need them later on. She also seemed to be hiding something from Lucy. Lucy could tell she had a secret. She could tell because she has secrets of her own. No one on the team knows about Lucy’s family. They didn’t know she comes from money. They didn’t know that she practically ran away from that life. They just knew her family was a touchy subject. Her friends and even her girlfriend never questioned her. Lucy therefore had the best judge of Tatyana’s character.

She didn’t think Tatyana was solely there to defect. Well, Kai’s Canadian girlfriend proved to be real. She showed up in Hawaii. Camille Davies is a war correspondent for the Toronto Examiner.

She was there because she had a lead on Tatyana. She figured out that the conference was a front. It was to hide the biggest arms deal in history between Sokolov family and the American government.

Camile told Kai everything. He informed his team. Tatyana stands to make a lot of money if this deal goes through. And so Tatyana was hoping to use it as a negotiating tactic in any agreement that has her defecting.

Lucy and Tatyana were discussing it when their armored truck got hit by a RPG. The driver was killed instantly. There were shooters coming out of the nearby trees to kill them.

They had to go on the run. Lucy tried to get Tatyana to higher ground. It was a little hard to do because Tatyana’s leg was injured. They also had another problem.

They were traveling with Tatyana’s bodyguard that her family arranged for her to have. His name is Victor. He was the father’s main man until he became the brother’s main man. And he was still working for Tatyana’s brother when he tried to kill Lucy.

Tatyana’s brother was out to kill her. It’s a power play. He probably wanted the company all to himself. He failed to see that Tatyana is willing to let him have it if she gets to walk away and live a normal life in the States. It’s because her brother doesn’t know about her secret plan that he set this in motion. He found a protest group. He infiltrated them to make them look like scapegoats when Tatyana dies. Now Lucy was fighting to keep both her and Tatyana alive long enough for her team to find them. They had to waste a bullet on Victor.

They couldn’t waste anymore bullets. It’s like what Tatyana said earlier. They have to ration their bullets to get them to last. They tried to trick the bad guys into following the wrong path while they doubled back.

The bad guys figured that out. They doubled back as well. Tatyana’s bleeding leg was leading the bad guys straight to them because she left a trail. She needs urgent medical attention. She was bleeding out by time Sam and Tennant caught up with them. Sam and Tennant protected them from the bad guys. They got Tatyana out of there.

She got treated. She now knows her brother is out to kill her. She doesn’t know how he knew about her defection and so no matter what happens next – Tatyana loses everything. The government approved her for asylum. She was being taken to a hidden location where she could give up her family’s secrets.

Sam meanwhile was put in charge of an elite task force operating out of Hawaii. This was why he was in town and its also why he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

And everyone was just so happy that Kai’s girlfriend was real that they didn’t mind him cutting out early.


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