‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Season Finale Is Bringing Back 2 Familiar Guest Stars, Plus How Will Season 3 End?

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Season Finale Is Bringing Back 2 Familiar Guest Stars, Plus How Will Season 3 End?

We’re just about halfway through NCIS: Hawai’i‘s third season, but we’re already looking ahead to the two-part finale—and have some teases about what to expect!

“There’s NCIS Elite. There are two special visits,” Alex Tarrant (who plays Kai) tells TV Insider. We have confirmed that one of the two familiar guest stars popping up in the Season 3 finale is Agent John Swift (Henry Ian Cusick), with the other remaining a mystery. (This will be Cusick’s second appearance this season.)

“There is definitely a special twist that comes in towards the end. It was a shock to me when I was reading the scripts, that’s for sure,” Tarrant continues. And yes, the finale “most definitely … ends on a cliffhanger.”

He’s also excited because “Kai actually hasn’t had very many fights this season, but in the finale, we really get to see something significant within his physical capability.” In general, expect more action from Kai as well as him “looking after the team and trying to be a good teammate.”

Kai has really settled into the team after he was the newbie at the start of the series. In a way, art imitates life. “For me this has been the most enjoyable season so far. I think the first two seasons, I’m from New Zealand, so I’m kind of juggling the accent and then trying to do the whole acting thing. So this is the first season where I felt like everything has come together and I can really just have fun with everyone,” Tarrant explains.

When it comes to his character, “I think he felt like an outsider coming in in the first season and Kai has gone through this amazing transformation, especially looking back at it from Season 1 to where he is now. He’s more open,” continues the star. “I think he’s freer to express himself in the ways that he knows that his team won’t judge him for. So I think that’s such an awesome thing. I’ve been really enjoying this progression of Kai.”

What do you think will bring Swift back? And who are you hoping the other familiar guest star in the finale is? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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