Robert Pattinson Was Super Intense About ‘Twilight’; ‘This Is Going To Win Oscars!’

Robert Pattinson Was Super Intense About ‘Twilight’; ‘This Is Going To Win Oscars!’

Though there are plenty of interviews where Robert Pattinson seems less than enthused about his involvement in the Twilight Saga movies: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and Breaking Dawn – Part 2, he still dedicated tons of time and energy into building the character of Edward Cullen. The Batman actor has been candid about the fact that he took a very serious approach to filming the first movie. So serious, in fact, that Pattinson managed to influence the rest of the cast.

Though he’d been cast in the Harry Potter franchise as golden boy, Cedric Diggory, Pattinson was relatively unknown before he landed a part in Twilight. Working alongside Kristen Stewart, who was an established actor at that point, Pattison took a very intense approach to his role. Though he knew the movie was based on a Young Adult novel, he was determined to make it something more than just a cheesy rom-com. In an interview with Collider, Pattinson shared the thought process he had when filming Twilight.

Robert Pattinson took his role in ‘Twilight’ very seriously“I didn’t want to do a stupid teen movie,” Pattinson confessed. “I wanted to take that into Twilight and also try to break down the assumption that if a movie is being made from a book which is selling a lot of copies, which every single book that sells a lot of copies now is made into a movie immediately and they’re virtually all not very good and everyone knows, even six-year-olds know, that it’s just to make money – I didn’t want to be involved in something like that.”

With that in mind, Pattinson showed up in Portland (where Twilight was filmed) in a very serious headspace. He was so intent on making something more than a cheesy film that he refused to talk about anything but his character for over a month. Funnily enough, his serious approach to the film made his fellow cast members start seeing the film in a new light.

Pattinson influenced the rest of the cast

“So I wanted to make sure that by the time people got to Portland that I knew everything about everything and just be like really – I didn’t talk to anyone about anything other than the part for about a month and a half of the shoot,” the Twilight alum recalled. “I think it kind of galvanized people. I think most people read the book and it’s an easy read. It’s a nice book. So I think most people went in thinking, ‘Yeah, it’s a happy film.’ I’m like holding the book and saying, ‘No! This is going to win Oscars!’” Pattinson revealed jokingly.

But despite the serious approach that Pattinson took to Twilight, he still managed to really connect with his fellow castmates. When he did start talking about more than just the movie, he and the large cast bonded over jokes and shared circumstances. In fact, Pattinson calls Twilight the most meaningful film in the franchise for him because of the overall experience he had while filming it. And while Twilight certainly wasn’t an Oscar contender, we can’t deny that it’s something more than just another stupid teen movie.

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