See The Cast of ‘The Nanny’ Now — And Find Out The Latest News on a Reboot!

See The Cast of ‘The Nanny’ Now — And Find Out The Latest News on a Reboot!

“The flashy girl from flushing, the nanny named Fran!” When you’d hear that signature, nasally voice emitting from your television, you knew you were in for a treat. Fran Drescher played the iconic character of Fran Fine from 1993 to 1999, and she and the rest of the cast of The Nanny have changed quite a bit between then and now!

What was The Nanny about?
When a down-on-her-luck diva named Fran Fine from Queens gets dumped by her bridal shop owner boyfriend, she finds herself at the doorstep of a wealthy Broadway producer attempting to sell cosmetics. In desperate need of a nanny for his three children, Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury), Gracie (Madeline Zima) and Maggie (Nicholle Tom), Fran is offered the job, though her style is a bit contrary to that of the wealthy, high-class Mr. Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy).

The series follows Fran as she navigates this new occupation, as well as the hilarious cast of characters she often finds herself at odds with. Along the way, despite her quirks, Mr. Sheffield and his family learn to love and embrace Fran for who she is.
The Nanny cast is like family
Over the years, the cast of The Nanny have come together various times, showing fans that the bonds they created on the series were one-of-a-kind. Charles Shaughnessy shared a photo to his Facebook of him, Fran Drescher and Renee Taylor, who played the role of Sylvia Fine, Fran’s fabulously funny mother.

The caption read, “An evening with the mother in law! Happy Birthday Renee!!” With the original success of the show, it’s understandable why diehard fans were so thrilled to see the trio together once again years later!
News on The Nanny reboot
In May of 2023, Drescher went on SiriusXM’s The Julie Mason Show, revealing that a reunion was on the horizon. “At least pre-strike, we were in conversations with Sony, our parent company, to figure out what we could do that would be fun and exciting for the fans to tune into,” Drescher said. “Hopefully the strike will be over soon enough, a deal can be forged with the Writers Guild and the [Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers], and we’ll be able to go back to figuring out what we want to do for a Nanny kind of reunion.”

Until then, you can watch every season of The Nanny on COZI TV — and they will also be airing a special marathon in October to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary.

And here, catch up with the The Nanny cast and see what they’re up to now!

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