‘Station 19’: Kelly Thiebaud Returning To ABC Drama As Eva Vasquez For Season 6

If there is one thing that Station 19 fans have come to expect over the show’s six seasons, it’s that you never know when an episode could end up being a character’s last.

Over the course of the show’s early seasons, we’ve seen many beloved regular and recurring characters unexpectedly written off of the show when their character died while on the job. As such, whenever a promo teases that a character is about to find themselves in grave danger, there is an understandable concern among the fans as to whether another beloved character could soon be leaving.

So when the promo for this week’s new episode, “I Know a Place,” dropped and hinted two members of Station 19 are about to find themselves in a very precarious predicament, fans have understandably been concerned over whether Travis and Theo could be leaving the show.

Does Travis die in Station 19? (Is Travis leaving Station 19?)

Although the promo for Station 19 ˆseason 6 episode 8, “I Know a Place,” makes it seem as though Travis might not make it out of one of the team’s latest calls, we can confirm Travis does not die in the episode, and remains very much alive on the show.

In the promo, we see the Station 19 team responding to a call at a house fire. When a little girl runs back into the home in search of her missing mother, Theo and Travis quickly race back in after her which is when things get dicey. The camera pans out as we hear a collapse within the building as smoke comes flooding out of the house. A panicked Vic attempts to run into the house after Travis and Theo as Captain Beckett calls out for the pair over his radio.

It’s a moment that definitely created some panic for fans, but ABC has since confirmed neither Travis nor Theo die in the episode. Both characters appear in the promo photos for episode 9, revealing they make it out of the call alive which we honestly expected given there have been no reports of either character leaving the show.

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