‘Station 19’ Stars Jay Hayden and Barrett Doss React to Cancellation News

As Station 19 prepares for the end, Jay Hayden and Barrett Doss shared their reaction to the surprising cancellation. It was announced in December that the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff was canceled and would be ending after Season 7, and many fans shared their anger and were shocked. They aren’t the only ones. Ahead of the series finale, Hayden told TV Insider that he was “surprised” when he heard about the heartbreaking news. However, he is still grateful for the opportunity.

“We have a very strong fan base, and when I did an RV trip across the country with my kids one summer, I learned how many people watched this show, which was really nice,” Hayden, who plays firefighter Travis Montgomery, shared. “I did think that we would be on air for a little longer, but I guess the small blessing is at least we got a final season to finish the story because this will be the first show I’ve ever been on that got a chance to do that.”

While Hayden was still feeling blessed, albeit disappointed, Doss admitted she “was a little devastated.” The actress, who plays firefighter Victoria Hughes, revealed that it was only her second day of shooting Season 7 when news broke. “Carlos Miranda [who plays Theo Ruiz] and I had to shoot the last scene that day, and everyone on was in such a sad mood, including the two of us, the crew, and our director Paris Barclay, who had been with us since the beginning.”
“We really had to pull it together,” Doss continued. “But I came to understand that we actually had a unique opportunity to finish the show with the knowledge that it wasn’t going to be moving forward, and we would get to see some stories that we hadn’t gotten to explore in earlier seasons. Of course, it’s really sad, but thanks to the fans and Disney and ABC and, obviously, Shondaland and all of the work of our crew and our cast and our showrunners, we got to have seven seasons.”
Station 19 fans quickly started campaigns and petitions in an effort to save the series, but as of now, that doesn’t seem to be working. ABC didn’t waste any time replacing the show on the fall schedule, with new Ryan Murphy series Dr. Odyssey joining 9-1-1 and Grey’s Anatomy on Thursdays. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be saved, as it could always be picked up elsewhere. The show clearly means a lot to the cast, crew, and fans, and it’s still a huge disappointment that it’s ending. The series finale will be an emotional hour, and fans don’t want to miss the final episode of Station 19 premiering on Thursday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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