The Bold And The Beautiful: Battle Lines Drawn As Ridge’s Choices Spark Drama!

Recently, on The Bold and the Beautiful, there’s some serious drama happening in the Forrester family. The latest spoilers suggest that battle lines are being drawn among the family members, and it looks like they’re gearing up for a big fight. At the center of all this family drama is Ridge Forrester.

His recent decisions have caused a lot of arguments in the close-knit Forrester family. Ridge is dealing with the fallout of what he decided, and now there are new friendships forming while old ones are falling apart. Every little thing that happens could mess up the close ties they have. As everyone gets upset and feelings get heated, we’re left wondering: Can the Forrester family get through this tough time? Or will this fight change their lives forever? Let’s find out!

The Bold And The Beautiful: Forrester Family At Odds!
The Bold and the Beautiful shows signs of a family divide as members take sides, either supporting or opposing Ridge’s choice. We’ve talked before about the potential family conflict among the Forresters when Ridge initially chose to take his father off life support. Although he later changes his mind when Finn proposes treatment for Eric, some family members are still mad about Ridge’s initial decision. Thorne, Steffy, Donna, and Brooke all got really at odds with Ridge for his choice.

The Bold And The Beautiful
B&B/ Ridge and Eric at the hospital
We’ve just discovered that Zende was really mad about Ridge’s choice, too. He already felt excluded from the fashion challenge, and now he feels even more like he doesn’t belong after Ridge tried to stop his grandfather’s life support. But here’s the interesting part: RJ stood up for Ridge. He told Zende that Ridge was just doing what Eric wanted. The tension between Eric’s grandchildren got even more intense as they disagreed on how Ridge handled everything. Zende thinks Ridge is taking undue advantage of the medical power of attorney.

Now, things are about to get messier because Ridge decided to finish Eric’s new line with RJ by his side. Zende already pointed out the favoritism in RJ working with Eric, even though RJ doesn’t have much design experience. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say this latest move is only going to make the rift between them even deeper. Ridge has to be really careful with the family right now. He’s still dealing with the fallout from his decision about Eric’s treatment. So he’s worried that if Eric doesn’t get better, it’ll be his fault for allowing the procedure.

The Bold And The Beautiful
B&B/ Zende clashes with Ridge and RJ
It makes sense that he’s not happy, but the last thing he should do is make things worse by causing problems between RJ and Zende. Choosing RJ to work with him could only make things more complicated for the Forresters in the future. So be ready to witness what this upcoming fight between Zende and RJ leads to. Also, keep your dial locked on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest scoops on The Bold and the Beautiful!


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