The Rookie Season 7 Puts Spotlight on Nolan and Bailey

Although fans won’t be getting another season of ABC’s The Rookie until 2025, showrunner Alexi Hawley has some early teases for the upcoming season. In an interview with TV Insider, Hawley pointed out how the Season 6 finale will have a direct connection with the new season, especially with the complications arising for Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and Bailey (Jenna Dewan) due to Bailey’s ex-husband Jason’s (Steve Kazee) prison escape.
“The stakes are there. Obviously, there’s a danger lurking,” Hawley explains. “On the practical side, Jenna [Dewan]’s about to have a baby in real life, so we do have to navigate that at the beginning of the season. So I think we’ll have to slow roll slightly with that, but yeah, look, especially in the adoption story, they do live dangerous lives. She’s going to have an ex-husband slash stalker out there. How that impacts them on a personal level will be interesting to explore.”

Earlier in April, The Rookie was renewed for a seventh season. However, during ABC’s announcement of their fall schedule for scripted and unscripted programming, it was revealed that Season 7 would be placed on hold until next year. As of now, no specific details have been revealed about the upcoming season, but fans can expect the storyline to explore the unresolved twists from Season 6, including how the villains who escaped in the finale are faring.
Season 7 of The Rookie is set to be bigger and more intense, thanks to the escapees from the previous season. While Jason is not the only one on the loose, he is expected to be the most direct threat.
In Executive Producer Hawley’s words, “Without spoiling too much, because I don’t know everything at this point, I think Jason’s probably the most immediate problem. I can’t necessarily comment on Oscar (Matthew Glave) and Monica (Bridget Regan) yet, but I think Jason is the one with the most specific, the most harmful intent towards anyone on our show at the moment.”
The show’s creator also acknowledges the challenge of following up on Season 6 but loves the opportunity to do even better. He notes, “I feel super lucky that we get to have fun every week, even if we do some stuff that’s high stakes or tragic or whatever. Tonally, because we do everything, it allows us to really give you an episode every week that keeps you on the edge of your seat

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