The Wait Is Over! Could Blue Bloods Season 14 *Finally* Bring Danny and Baez Together?

The Wait Is Over! Could Blue Bloods Season 14 *Finally* Bring Danny and Baez Together?

It’s been seven years since the heartbreaking death of Danny Reagan’s wife, Linda Reagan. Now that Blue Bloods is nearing its end, it looks like Season 14 is setting up the detective to fall in love with someone he works closely with. Do Danny and Baez get together in Blue Bloods? Keep reading to learn more.

Blue Bloods is CBS’ long-running police procedural that follows the fictional Reagan family who have a long history with law enforcement. CBS announced in November that Blue Bloods was ending with Season 14, which will be split into two parts. The first 10 episodes premiered on February 16, 2024, while the last eight episodes will debut in the fall of 2024. The show stars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Abigail Hawk, Vanessa Ray and more.

Danny was married to Linda Reagan, an emergency room nurse at St. Victor’s Hospital in NYC, and the mother of their two children, Jack and Sean Reagan. Unfortunately, Linda tragically died in a helicopter crash off-screen in Season 7. In the Season 8 premiere, it was revealed in Danny’s therapy session that Linda was no longer alive.

“Linda’s death wasn’t your fault. She was doing her job [as a nurse]. She died doing what she loved,” Danny’s therapist said in the episode. “She died in a helicopter crash, airlifting her patient.” In Season 9, the possibility was introduced that the medevac crash Linda was in could have been orchestrated by Mexican cartel member Louis Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips), aka The Panther.

In Season 13, Blue Bloods finally tossed Danny back into the dating pool after losing his wife. Danny went on a date with Detective Laura Acosta (Jessica Pimentel), but their outing didn’t amount to anything. Another close figure in Danny’s life is his partner, Det. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), but their relationship has never crossed a romantic line. However, that could very well change in Season 14.

Do Danny and Baez get together on Blue Bloods?

Do Danny and Baez get together on Blue Bloods? The fan-favorite characters might finally turn into lovers in Season 14. There are signs from the February 23 episode that the show plans to set Danny up with one of his partners, either his current sidekick, Baez, or his former partner, Jackie Curatola (played by returning guest star Jennifer Esposito).

In Season 14, Episode 2, “Dropping Bombs,” Danny interrogates serial killer Dr. Leonard Walker (Mather Zickel), who insists on discussing the detective’s love life.

“[Linda] ’s been dead five years and you’re still not in a serious relationship with anyone. Why not?” Walker asked Danny in the episode. “No, I’m not in a serious relationship with anyone,” he responded.

Walker then posed, “Have you ever fantasized about your partner Baez? Or, your old partner? You seem to have a lot of chemistry with her too.”

“Are you afraid of your bad luck, that if you start a relationship with someone, they’re go to end up dead, murdered like your wife?” the serial killer doctor added.

“You were right. I don’t want to start a relationship with my partner, because I don’t want anyone that I love to ever be put in danger again,” Danny responded, not specifically mentioning whether “partner” refers to Baez or Jackie.

But later in the episode, Danny has a flirtatious moment with Jackie before she returns to Suffolk County, where she is the Chief of Police.

“I thought you missed this,” Danny asked his former partner. “I miss you, not the job,” she said. “Anyway, you and Baez, you work well together.”

“We do. You and I do, too,” he said back. “We always did.”

In an interview with TV Insider in April 2023, Ramirez told the site that she’s not sure whether Danny and Baez will become something more than partners/best friends.

“It’s really tough. They’re just so great as work partners and, as you know from the Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) storyline, once they become personally entangled, it became very difficult,” she explained. “So Maria and Danny may not even be allowed to work as partners anymore. And I think that’s where they’re happiest, getting to spend the day working together. I know that fans do want that romance, but I think it’s more fun to just kind of tease whether we can go there or not.”

Now that Season 14 is confirmed to be the show’s last, and so many fans really want to see Baez and Danny together, it’s now or never for something romantically to happen between them.

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