Who is ‘Sister Tu Wednesday’ who ‘manipulates’ young people?

Who is ‘Sister Tu Wednesday’ who ‘manipulates’ young people?

Many young people dressed up or imitated the dance of “Sister Tu Wednesday”. So who is “Sister Tu Wednesday” that makes them so fascinated? Because they imitated this character’s makeup, dance, charisma, and emotions.

Wednesday is a character in the movie of the same name played by Jenna Ortega, produced in 2022 by director Tim Burton, and is currently being viewed a lot on a number of online platforms. The film reached over 341 million viewing hours as of November 30, creating a very good effect on social networks and many newspapers.
Wednesday’s image is enjoyed by young Vietnamese people because the character has a magical, charismatic, seductive style and is equally luxurious from her expressions. At the same time, the character’s eccentric and somewhat “different” personality also attracts viewers. Some people also give Wednesday a purely Vietnamese name… “Sister Tu”.
Want to be different
When typing the phrase “Wednesday” on TikTok, people can easily see Vietnamese young people “covering” the image of Wednesday with many genres such as: makeup, movie dances…
Nguyen Thi My Tien, a student at Hong Bang International University also dressed up as the above character. My Tien said that she really likes Wednesday’s personality, because she knows how to make a difference and stand out for herself. “There are some things I learned from Wednesday, which is that crying won’t change anything, and it’s okay to express your feelings, just be different in your own way,” My. Tien said.

Also “manipulated” by the image of Wednesday resembling My Tien, Mr. Le Nguyen Trong Nhan (28 years old), working as a communications officer at 101 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu Ward, District 7 (HCMC) has shared that he liked Wednesday’s character’s daring to show differences.“Through her image, I realize that life is a diverse, rich, colorful world and each person is an independent individual with different perspectives on life. It is important that each person knows how to accept and respect the differences of others,” Nhan said.

Then Nhan also shared that there was a time when he discriminated against others just because he thought they dressed and wore makeup “differently”. However, the 28-year-old man later realized that if you respect the differences of others and each person’s personal freedom, you will receive respect from everyone, and life will smile. with you.
Test your ability to catch the “trend”
Not stopping there, other characters in the movie Wednesday are also loved by Vietnamese youth.
For example, Nguyen Le Yen Vy, a student at Van Lang University, and her friend Nguyen Ong Thien Phu dressed up as Wednesday’s father (Addams Gomez) and mother (Morticia).

“The movie impresses with its interesting plot and characters. The most interesting thing is the unique and “different” dance of the character Wednesday, so we also decided to participate in this race to try it out. my ability to catch “trends”, Vy said.
Vy also shared that she didn’t think she would dress up as Morticia because when she followed the trends on TikTok, the character Wednesday appeared quite a lot and stood out, gradually people started wanting to become Wednesday. “Meanwhile, I have a ghostly face and am “old before my time”, so I became Morticia instead of Wednesday,” the 19-year-old girl humorously shared.

“I just did my best to resemble the character. So when the clip was posted, I also received a lot of criticism and criticism from people because my makeup was not the same or almost faulty. However, I I feel satisfied with that, and I also cultivate and develop content creation work on social networking platforms,” Vy confided about dressing up as a character in the movie Wednesday.

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