Why Brett’s Chicago Fire Season 12 Exit Is The “Perfect Bookend,” Explained By Star

Why Brett’s Chicago Fire Season 12 Exit Is The “Perfect Bookend,” Explained By Star

Kara Killmer opens up about leaving Chicago Fire in season 12 and explains why it’s the best time for Sylvie Brett to move on from Firehouse 51.

– Sylvie Brett’s departure from Chicago Fire in season 12 marks the perfect conclusion to her character’s journey, leaving with a great reputation and happily ever after.
– Actor Kara Killmer explains why she loves Brett’s ending, as it represents a full-circle moment for the character.
– Killmer believes this is the perfect time for her to leave Chicago Fire.

Kara Killmer explains why Sylvie Brett’s Chicago Fire departure in season 12 fits. Despite being a late addition to Firehouse 51, Brett spent the last decade as one of the most exciting characters in the series, both professionally and personally. As she wraps up her arc in One Chicago, she leaves Chief Boden’s house with a great reputation as a paramedic while also making sure that she gets her happily ever after with Matt Casey.

In Chicago Fire season 12, episode 6, “Port in the Storm,” Casey and Brett are set to tie the knot. However, the occasion is also bittersweet as it marks Killmer’s final episode. Speaking with Deadline ahead of the outing’s broadcast, she explains why she believes it’s the right time for Brett to leave the Windy City and move forward with her life. Read the full quote below:

“This is the natural end for her character; it’s kind of a perfect bookend, really. I’m selfishly delighted over the fact that Sylvie shows up in Chicago a jilted bride who was dumped at the altar by her high school sweetheart and then ends up across the aisle in her last episode from Matt Casey, the love of her life. I just love that her character has been able to come full circle and it’s it’s such a great way to exit her journey. It’s sort of perfect timing.”

What To Expect From Brett & Casey’s Wedding

Brett and Casey technically haven’t been together for very long, although Chicago Fire has been laying the groundwork for their romance for years. It started with friendship, which organically developed into mutual attraction, and after being away from each other for quite a while, they eventually got engaged in the Chicago Fire season 11 finale. The subsequent announcement that Killmer will be exiting One Chicago makes their future as husband and wife easier, as they can simply relocate to Oregon, which is the plan.

Before this, however, Brett will spend her last few shifts at Firehouse 51 juggling her role as the paramedic in charge and an upcoming bride. The wedding venue may not be exactly ideal as they are forced to do it in a fish shop, but it’s safe to say that Chief Boden and the rest of his team will rally around the couple to give them the best possible wedding. Meanwhile, the afterparty will be held at Molly’s. Firehouse 51 will all be there to celebrate, and luckily, Kelly Severide will be back in time to attend the event.

Hopefully, NBC and Wolf Entertainment are able to make the most out of Brett and Casey still being in Chicago with Firehouse 51’s core members all intact. After they leave, it may take a while before they are seen back in the city. Therefore, while the focus will be on the couple tying the knot, the upcoming Chicago Fire season 12 episode should also honor all the friendships and personal connections that they have both developed during their time on the show.

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