Will Smith Posted Still From Bad Boys 4, And The Captions From Fans About Marcus And Mike Are Classic

Will Smith Posted Still From Bad Boys 4, And The Captions From Fans About Marcus And Mike Are Classic

Fans of the best action movies are more than likely counting the days until Bad Boys: Ride or Die, and I can’t blame them. After seeing the first trailer for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s return to duty on the streets of Miami, it’s hard not to be jacked up. So when Smith posted a new photo from the set of this hotly-anticipated fourth round, fans were naturally ready to crack some classic jokes about Marcus and Mike in the comments.

Will Smith’s Instagram became the home for such remarks, and to be absolutely fair, the man literally asked for it. Sharing the image that you can see embedded below, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air legend added a challenge for fans to take on in the caption:
Now you know the internet wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to riff with Will Smith, and it wasn’t long before people gave the man what he asked for. Taking to the comments section of the superstar’s social media, there were plenty of jokes about Mike and Marcus’ Bad Boys: Ride or Die journey ahead. Here’s a sampling of what the crowd had to offer:

@aakassh_10 – “Mike: ”Dammit, Marcus! You cant just make up your own traffic rules! Marcus: But Mike, I was just practicing for the next Fast & Furoius movie addition! They call me Marcus Nitro for a reason u knw”

@iballright – “Hairlines stood the test of time.”

@ohdeethatsme – “Marcus retirement for the 50 11th time”

@marcelbyes – “Will: “Marty Mar is that jacket from my Bel-Air line?” Martin: “Yeah it is now whoosaw and runtelldat ninja!”

@artvmy4 – “You thought I forgot, you STILL didn’t get that fry from my Porsche in BB1, Marcus.”

Those are some pretty excellent, yet good natured digs at both Bad Boys stars, linked to this snap showing their characters in a relatively calm moment. Come to think of it, this seems like a moment where any member of the Bad Boys 4 cast would be cracking wise. At least, that’s what I’d personally expect, as directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah captured the spirit of this franchise rather well in 2020’s Bad Boys for Life.

I know some of you out there are probably thinking that sort of fidelity isn’t always guaranteed for a sequel, especially one that took so long to get off the ground. Well, if you’re going to challenge that notion, then I have no choice but to include that first trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die below:

As Bad Boys: Ride or Die makes its way towards its June 7th release date, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence fans are sure to have plenty of jokes to come. But if you’re interested in breaking some theories of how Bad Boys 3’s ending set things up, you can stream that movie through a Starz subscription, which is also available through a quick add-on to any Prime Video subscription.

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