Yellowstone season 5: Any news on filming soon?

Yellowstone season 5: Any news on filming soon?

Is there any further announcement coming in regards to Yellowstone season 5 on Paramount Network? With this show in particular, the audience’s patience has been collectively tested almost more than any other.

Remember, first and foremost, that it has been more than a year since the last episode ended and since that time, there has been everything from multiple delays, a lot of behind-the-scenes rumors, three seasons cut specifically for CBS, and a lot of claims that production could finally resume this spring. Is that still poised to happen?

For the time being, all signs do still point towards much of the cast being back in Montana within two or three months to try and wrap up this particular story. Yellowstone is ending with season 5, though there are plans for some characters to continue forward on a separate spin-off. There are plenty of reports suggesting that Kevin Costner is done playing John Dutton, but remember that things can change rapidly within this world and ultimately, it’s hard to believe anything on this front until the episodes actually air and we see the story with our own eyes.

Amidst all the filming speculation, remember this: Paramount Network has yet to waver on their plans to air the remainder of the series starting this November. While the wait continues, there may still be stories on casting, episode count, and the specifics for the upcoming spin-off. You also have the prequel series 1923, which still has another season to air on Paramount+, as well.

Rest assured that despite the current uncertainty and radio silence, a return to Dutton Ranch is not in question. It is just hard to get an abundance of further scoop at a time when there is no production and the cast and crew are not out there on some lengthy media tour.

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