Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly desperate for Taylor Sheridan to change ‘hated’ Beth quality

Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly desperate for Taylor Sheridan to change ‘hated’ Beth quality

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly detests a particular part of Beth Dutton and has been eager for Taylor Sheridan to make a change.

Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly shares what she “hates so much” about Beth Dutton and that she has been trying to convince Taylor Sheridan to get rid of it.

Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) is undoubtedly the most volatile and controversial character in the Paramount Network drama with her sharp tongue and her love for violence and revenge.

Family means the world to her, doing everything she can for her dad John Dutton (Kevin Costner) but despises her brother Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) with a passion.

However, it isn’t her hateful scenes with Bentley or any of the violent and chaotic outbursts that the English actress hopes to change.

She has actually been trying to convince creator Taylor Sheridan to stop Beth from smoking.

Talking about what she hopes for her character’s future, Reilly told ET: “I think it might be fun to see Beth and Rip when they’re in their 60s, on the porch.

“I hope she’s given up smoking by then. I don’t smoke so all of those cigarettes, they’re all the herbal cigarettes.

“So I’m really hoping… And I hate them so much, and he [Taylor Sheridan] has it in the script when she’s smoking, when she takes a drag, it’s all written.

“So I’m trying to pitch him an idea that she gets addicted to Nicorette gum, so we’ll see next year if she’s smoking or not.”

Unfortunately for Reilly, her plan to get Beth to stop smoking doesn’t seem to have worked.

In season five part one, Beth is propped up at a bar when one of the employees tells the manager that she refuses to abide by their non-smoking rule.

And, in particular Beth fashion, she threatens to stab the manager in the eye with a fork if he referred to her as a maiden and pointed out the number of lit up candles and fireplaces in the room.

This, and her desire to “cause a scene” soon stopped him in his tracks with Beth going on to order another drink from the “tattletale”.

Season five is only midway through, despite part one originally making its debut in November 2022.

It is believed that the second half of Yellowstone series five will begin sometime in November 2024, although an official release date hasn’t been announced.

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