10 Couples From ‘Station 19,’ Ranked

Station 19 is coming to an end, which has us feeling very nostalgic. The firefighter drama has delivered some intense scenes and memorable disasters over the years, but it is also a Shondaland property. That means it has also delivered on the romance front. As we think about the show wrapping up, TV Insider is looking back at iconic Station 19 couples and ranking them from the worst to the best.

Some of the relationships were very brief or casual, but each pair on the list was impactful in the series for one or both characters. Of course, steaminess was also factored into the ranking, but overall, this list is about how these couples, rivals, and hookup partners made us feel. (Please note that Ben (Jason George) and Miranda (Chandra Wilson) were not considered for the list because they began as a Grey’s Anatomy couple, but they are still very beloved.)

Who is your favorite Station 19 couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Without further adieu, here are the 10 best relationships of Station 19, ranked.

10. Travis & Eli
Don’t get us wrong, Travis (Jay Hayden) and Eli (Rob Heaps) were definitely a hot couple, but everything about them was messy from start to finish. Eli arrived on the scene and immediately began pursuing Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz), but then kind of cheated on her with Travis. And then Travis cheated on Eli with Emmett (Lachlan Buchanan) about five seconds after they officially got together. But they still make the list because Eli did push Travis to want more in his life and called Travis out on his internalized homophobia. It was a quick relationship, but it did a lot for Travis’ character growth, even if it didn’t look like it at the time.
9. Maya & Jack
Take a breath, Marina fans. We can feel your blood boiling from here, but this is only slot No. 9, and we need you to hear us out. Maya (Danielle Savre) and Jack (Grey Damon) were technically more of a fling than a relationship, but their hookups became important to both of them for separate reasons. It was important to showcase the full spectrum of Maya’s bisexuality, and it brought the two characters close enough that Maya and Carina (Stefania Spampinato) later asked him to be the sperm donor for their baby. That never would have happened if Maya and Jack hadn’t started hooking up. Also, the enemies-to-lovers dynamic they share will always score points. It’s just too delicious! They were never endgame, but it’s another relationship that led to so many great things.

8. Jack & Andy
We are heading back to pilot times for this one. Remember when Andy and Jack were a thing? It seems hard to remember because they have such a cozy sibling dynamic in Season 7, but they were the original couple of the show. Andy wasn’t ready for a serious commitment though, and Jack still had a lot of internal trauma to work out before he was ready to settle down. They were very hot together and have seen each other through so much over the years. It makes us wonder if there’s potential for the flames of this old relationship to rekindle now that they’ve both grown up and found their callings.

7. Sullivan & Andy
When Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) first arrived on the scene, no one could have predicted that he and Andy would end up on friendly terms, let alone married. An ambulance accident bonded these two in a way we didn’t see coming and that paved the way for a passionate love affair. Who knows what could have become if these two had simply taken a breath before heading down the aisle? Their marriage imploded almost as soon as it began because Sulliva and Andy confused one night of passionate confessions for actually knowing how to communicate. His addiction and the emergence of Andy’s not-dead mom put the nails in the coffin for these two romantically, but that marriage created one of the strongest bonds of friendship on the show.

6. Victoria & Theo
Honestly, this one hurts because they initially had all the ingredients to be an endgame couple. Actually, maybe they still do! Vic and Theo (Carlos Miranda) started out so strong. They saw each other through an abortion and Dean’s (Okieriete Onaodowan) death. Then Theo got promoted to interim captain and things started going downhill in the most excruciating way. Theo obviously had a lot of insecurities about being captain after Travis’ husband died on his watch, and he took all of that anxiety out on Vic. It essentially destroyed their relationship and then Theo hooked up with Kate (Kiele Sanchez) mere minutes after he and Vic broke up. Was all of that drama just a bump in the road for Vic and Theo to realize how much they actually mean together? We hope so because both of them deserve a happy and fulfilling relationship.

5. Andy & Ryan
Speaking of potential endgame couples that ended too soon, let’s break our own hearts by thinking about Andy and Ryan (Alberto Frezza). The childhood sweethearts played a thrilling game of cat and mouse in the early seasons of Station 19, but the deep love they had for each other was very obvious. Just as they were deciding they should give their relationship a legitimate adult try, Ryan was killed by an errant gunshot during a police call. His death was to create more drama in the show and to give Andy a new obstacle to overcome, but it hurt to see their love story curtailed in such a tragic way. We think Ryan could have ended up being the one for Andy if he had lived long enough.

4. Travis & Emmett
Travis and Emmett had one of the most horrific breakups in TV history, but don’t let that distract you from how impactful their relationship was before Travis got caught up in his own head. Travis had not really let himself open up to the possibility of love after his husband died until Emmett broke down those walls. Meeting Travis also helped Emmett fully accept who he was and what he wanted in his life. Even if these two do not end up together in the long run, their relationship changed both characters in fundamental ways. They also provided some of the steamiest moments in Station 19 history. They cannot resist each other, but they have horrible timing when it comes to hooking up.

3. Sullivan & Natasha
So many Station 19 couples needed their relationships to implode for them to find growth, but Sullivan and Natasha (Merle Dandridge) have figured out how to grow together while staying together. They’ve definitely had their ups and downs, but these two have proven multiple times now they are willing to go through fire (pun intended) for each other. It has taken years, even more offscreen, for these characters to be in a place where they can really commit to each other. Now that they’ve made the leap, they’ve built one of the most stable and lasting relationships on the show. They really make you believe they are going to grow old together, and it’s been beautiful to watch them get to this point.

2. Victoria & Ripley
Lucas Ripley (Brett Tucker) is the Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) of Station 19. Argue with a wall if you disagree. Ripley and Vic had one of the purest and most passionate relationships of the entire series. They were going to get married! Then tragedy struck, and Ripley died from heart complications after getting stuck in a burning chemical factory for too long. Ripley’s death was the most devastating death in Station 19, and we don’t think Vic truly fully got over the loss. There was so much that we didn’t get to explore with these two, but what we did see was magical. They had their difficulties, but it was so obvious they shared a true and long-lasting love. Life just got in the way.

1. Maya & Carina
See, Marina fans? We told you everything was going to be okay. Obviously, no other couple on the show stood a chance of taking this spot. Maya and Carina have gone to hell and back for each other. They are so deeply in love, and we should all aspire to have what they have. There’s a chance this show could end with a not happy ending for them, and if that’s the case, then there will be riots in the street. After facing divorce in Season 6, Marina is finally ready to build the family they have dreamed of and they deserve only good things, okay? They are the heart of Station 19 at this point. They deserve their happily ever after considering everything they’ve gone through to get to where they are.

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