Marina has to be endgame in the Station 19 series finale

Network TV has canceled too many shows with realistic LGBTQ+ couples. Station 19 is one of them, with Marina being one of those couples that didn’t initially seem to work but showed how it is possible.

One of the reasons this show needed to keep going was because of the inclusive cast. We need more shows like this. Young people of all colors and sexualities need to see themselves on the screen. Networks have a duty to bring more of this to screens.
There is some hope for Marina thanks to Grey’s Anatomy still going. Carina is a doctor, there, which allows for their storyline to continue in the series. That means they need to be endgame in Station 19.

Why Marina needs to make it to the very end

Let me make one thing clear: I hated May Bishop for a long time. She was selfish, sometimes abusive, and didn’t seem to accept any flaws in her own. Then Carina came along. At first, they didn’t seem to work, because it didn’t look like Maya was going to change.

Then we got that moment. By Carina having Maya checked into the hospital’s psych ward, there was a chance for Maya to change and see her flaws. It didn’t happen at first. It took a long time for her to accept that her father was abusive and that it affected her mentally and emotionally growing up. Then she had to accept that she couldn’t keep pushing her body the way she used to. As she started to change the way she thought, she was able to accept her flaws and work on them.

Maya was the one who didn’t want monogamy for the longest time. However, she ended up marrying Carina and they are starting a family together. Carina has been the best thing for Maya, supporting her through this growth.

It’s not been one-sided either. When Carina struggled with grief after the loss of her brother, Maya was there for her. Maya got frustrated, but she still stood by her wife to make sure they got through it together.

They deserve their happily ever after in Station 19

The penultimate Station 19 episode has us concerned for Marina. Maya is currently stuck in the middle of the wildfire, surrounded by flames. Carina feared something like this would happened, but there was so much hope for the two of them. As we watched Maya surrounded by flames, Carina found out that the embryo took and she is pregnant.

The two of them now deserve a chance to be together. Maya doesn’t deserve to be killed off in the series finale. It’s not going to be a “cute” bittersweet ending by having Carina give birth to her and Maya’s baby alone. We should all get the chance to see them both raise their babies together as they pop up in Grey’s Anatomy.

TV can’t keep having us invest time and love in a couple just to see them separated at the very end, especially separated by death after such a growth in character. We deserve better than that. And sure, in real life this situation could happen, but this is not real life. If you’re taking away our show, don’t take away our couple!

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