FBI Season 6 Images Teases Missy Peregrym’s Rookie Blue Reunion

New images from FBI season 6 have teased a reunion between series star Missy Peregrym and her former co-star from the 2010 police drama Rookie Blue. Peregrym currently portrays Maggie Bell, an FBI Special Agent and the lead character in the crime drama. However, she also had the main role in the mentioned police drama throughout all 6 seasons.

Now, TV Insider has released new images from FBI season 6, revealing Peregrym’s reunion with her Rookie Blue co-star Charlotte Sullivan. She will portray Maggie’s former workmate Jessica Blake in season 6, episode 4, “Creating a Monster,” on March 12.

FBI’s Rookie Blue Reunion Spells Excitement For Season 6

Peregrym and Sullivan’s reunion episode will focus on investigating the murder of a federal judge who was killed in the middle of the day in front of a crowd of people. This leads the group to a local Islamic center, with guest character Jessica no doubt assisting in getting answers to the case. Beyond her appearance, OA (Zeeko Zaki) and Gemma (Comfort Clinton) will experience growing worries after Kate’s death in the previous episode.

The reunion between Peregrym and Sullivan is exciting because of how long they shared the screen when they were on Rookie Blue together. Both actors have years of experience playing law enforcement characters, which will make their interactions in the upcoming FBI episodes almost feel like old times. However, the images of Jessica that have been shown so far reveal a serious look on her face, making it unclear how close she was to Maggie despite their work relationship.

With Sullivan being a guest star in the latest episode, it seems like FBI’s upcoming character death won’t be happening in season 6, episode 4. Instead, the focus will likely be on the case the team has to solve while also making nods toward the actor reunion it will feature. With the episode’s air date approaching, it won’t be long until the Rookie Blue stars are seen onscreen, together again.

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