ITV Britain’s Got Talent fans fume at Simon Cowell and ask ‘What’s the point?’ during ‘cop out’ voting

Britain’s Got Talent viewers were left annoyed with head judge Simon Cowell during tonight’s third semi-final as he left the deciding vote down to the public for a second night running.
After the next round of eight contestants took to the stage, it was singer Sydney Christmas, impressionist Mike Woodhams and dancer Leightonjay Halliday made it through to the top three.
Christmas won the semi-final with overwhelming support from the public and left the judges to decide whether Woodhams or Halliday should make it through to the final.
Bruno Tonioli and Amanda Holden both voted for Halliday, with Alesha Dixon voting for Woodhams, meaning that Cowell had the deciding factor.
For the second night in a row, he admitted how hard it was for him to make a decision as he thought both acts should have made it through, ultimately throwing it to the public vote.
This meant that Woodhams made it through to the final with Christmas, and sent Halliday packing but still grateful for the experience.

Whilst the third semi-finals may be over, viewers were left annoyed with Cowell that he chose to throw it to the public vote and began asking what the point in the judges having a say was.
One disgruntled X user penned: “Don’t vote to ‘even things out’! Such a cop-out.”
“To even this out…’ Give your opinion!!! What is the point of the judges if it always goes to the public vote?,” another expressed before a third stated: “Simon you coward.”
“WHAT’S THE POINT OF THE JUDGES?! Letting it go to the public every time #BGT” one furious watcher asked before a fifth penned: “Next series, you should make the ‘judges’ all vote secretly and reveal after.
“Get them off the fence and actually judge the acts. They’re not there to entertain, that’s the act’s job.”
Someone else said: “Explain to me the point of the judges being there if they deliberately split the vote and go to the public vote to decide second place?”
“What on earth is the point of the judge’s vote? Mike only got through because judges wanted to even it up; not because of his ability. Absolute shambles,” an unimpressed fan jibed. (sic)
This isn’t the first time that viewers thought the judging system was flawed, as many thought that Taryn Charles was “robbed” during Monday night’s semi-final.

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