Is Rose McIver pregnant? What to know about ‘Ghosts’ star

Is Rose McIver pregnant? What to know about ‘Ghosts’ star

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“Ghosts” fans may have noticed Rose McIver cradling her baby bump at the Golden Globes. So what does that mean for her “Ghosts” character, Sam?

Season 3 of the spooky/comedic CBS series premiered Feb. 15 with a huge revelation. “Ghosts” centers around Sam, her husband Jay and the numerous ghosts who inhabit their rundown, inherited estate.

Here’s what “Ghosts” showrunners have said about McIver’s pregnancy.

Is Sam from ‘Ghosts’ pregnant?
McIver revealed her real-life pregnancy at the Golden Globes. However, Sam, her character on “Ghosts,” is not pregnant.

“We’re not writing it in,” co-showrunner Joe Wiseman told TV Insider. “Currently, Jay and Sam aren’t going to have kids.”

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How to watch ‘Ghosts’
“Ghosts” airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers can stream the series live and on demand. Paramount+ Essential subscribers can stream “Ghosts” episodes the day after they air.

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