Man of Your Dreams

A powerful new ghost power is revealed on Ghosts Season 3 Episode 2, “Man of Your Dreams.”

GHOSTS Season 3 Episode 2, "Man of Your Dreams"

After a disagreement with Jay takes an unexpected turn, Sam learns one of the core eight ghosts can project themselves into the dreams of the living and influence their decisions.

GHOSTS Season 3 Episode 2, "Man of Your Dreams"

The promo for the episode hints at resident storyteller Sas being the culprit as he comes clean to Pete, stating, “It’s my ghost power.” Knowing Sas, if he is Woodstone’s dream walker, he’s been messing with unsuspecting house guests for many years.
Naturally, the ghosts use this new development to mess with Jay. However, their latest scheme could push Sam’s husband to a breaking point when he learns he’s been unknowingly speaking to one of the ghosts this entire time
eanwhile, two spirits think they have cracked the case of getting sucked off as they investigate Thorfinn’s complicated dating history.

Unfortunately, Thorfinn isn’t taking Flower’s alleged departure well, and meddling from his fellow spirits might push him further into a spiral as he struggles with his grief.

GHOSTS Season 3 Episode 2, "Man of Your Dreams"

Ghosts is dreaming big for this outing, that’s for sure!

Check out the photos and promo video below for a preview!
Episode Description: Sam learns that one of the ghosts’ powers is to enter the dreams of the livings and influence their decisions. Also, two of the ghosts think they’ve learned the secret to moving on.

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