Jeremy Clarkson issues updated after beloved Clarkson’s Farm pet suffers painful injury

Jeremy Clarkson has shared an update with Clarkson’s Farm fans after his adorable dog Sansa suffered a nasty injury to her eye.

Clarkson’s Farm host Jeremy Clarkson and his girlfriend Lisa Hogan have revealed that they had to take their beloved pooch Sansa to the vet following a painful incident. Taking to social media this evening, the pair shared a picture of the pup looking rather forlorn as she sported a large cone around her head.

Posting from their Diddly Squat Farm Shop Instagram account, the Amazon Prime stars shared an update on Sansa’s condition with their 1.5 million followers. The post read: “Sansa got a thorn through her eye this morning.

“It wasn’t pretty. Our local vet sent us to an eye vet surgeon,” the post continued.

“He did lots of tests to check that nothing was left remaining that he would have to surgically remove to save her eye. Vets are amazing.

“Happy to report that Sansa will live to see another day, with both eyes.” Fans quickly took to the comments section to share their best wishes.

“Ouch – glad to see things are on the mend,” wrote Sue, while Andrew added: “Poor thing, that’s lucky.”

“She looks very sorry for herself,” Mollie penned with a heart emoji, as Vanessa gushed: “Aww she needs all the snuggles.” (sic)

Praising the couple for their kind words, Michelle commented: “I’m a vet nurse. I’ve seen a lot of ‘vet bashing’ today on social media.

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