Jeremy Clarkson’s dog rushed to vet after horrible incident at Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson and his partner Lisa Hogan shared photos of their dog Sansa with fans on social media this week following an apparent injury that she sustained whilst outside

Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out after his beloved pet was involved in a a nasty accident.

The presenter expressed his gratitude at Sansa’s eye being “saved” following an incident this week.

Clarkson, 63, and his partner Lisa Hogan, 51, took to their respective Instagram accounts on Thursday to post about their canine companion. The couple, who run a farm in the Cotswolds, said Sansa got a thorn “through her eye”.

Photos of Sansa sporting a protective collar were shared on the platform after the apparent incident that morning. Jeremy and Lisa told their followers that Sansa’s eye was “saved” following medical attention that she had received.

Alongside the photo that he shared, the Grand Tour host Jeremy wrote: “A huge thankyou to our local vets who saved Sansa’s eye this afternoon.” He further commented in the caption of the recent post: “A thorn went right through it.”

His partner Lisa went into more detail about the experience in a post that was shared on her account as well as the page for the couple’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop. She uploaded a different photo of Sansa wearing the cone-shaped collar.

Lisa wrote in her post that the incident “wasn’t pretty”. She told her followers on the platform earlier this week: “Sansa got a thorn through her eye this morning. It wasn’t pretty. Our local vet sent us to an eye vet surgeon.”

She added in the caption: “He did lots of tests to check that nothing was left remaining that he would have to surgically remove to save her eye. Vets are amazing. Happy to report that Sansa will live to see another day, with both eyes.”

Jeremy’s post has amassed more than 100,000 likes on the platform. It was met with supportive messages from some of his followers in the comments section, with many of them expressing their sympathies over the experience.

One person wrote: “Oh poor girl! Glad she’s fine.” Another said: “Ouch! That sounds horrible. Get well soon pup!” Someone else commented: “Oh the poor thing.” Whilst a fourth person wrote: “Oh my goodness, how scary for you.”

Another follower reacted to the post: “She is utterly darling – I’m so sorry that happened to her – poor love. So grateful for the amazing vets and their staff who help our pet – they really are epic. I hope Sansa’s eye gets better real soon.”

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