Will Brett be a medic after she leaves Chicago Fire? Her new job, explained

Will Brett be a medic after she leaves Chicago Fire? Her new job, explained

Sylvie Brett did have a recent equipment scare on the job…

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is really doing it. She’s leaving Chicago Fire and Firehouse 51 behind to start a new life in Oregon with Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and the kids they’ve legally adopted. It’s been a strenous journey to get there, but the character is finally going to reap the benefits.

Brett’s strenuous journey did include some professional complications. The character was on the hook when a defibrillator failed to work on a patient, and there was a brief period of time in which it seemed she would get fired. If she was the one who responsible for the defibrillator not being fully charged, she would have been fired.

Brett will also be a medic in Oregon

Furthermore, she would have been given a professional black mark that would have made it tough for her to get work as a medic anywhere in the country. Fortunately, she was able to prove that the issue was the packaging of the equipment, and her reputation was restored.

This means that Brett will be able to continue working as a medic in Oregon, which is exactly what she plans to do. During the episode “On the Hook”, the character confirms that she’s been scheduling job interviews over Zoom, so that she can line something up with the Oregon Fire Department.

She will work alongside Casey again

Things are looking good for the character. Paramedic Chief Robinson (Raphael Sbarge) was hesitant to give a recommendation to the Oregon Fire Department when Brett was accused of negligence, but now that everything has been resolved, the character looks to be a shoe-in for the job.

It doesn’t hurt that Casey has already secured a job with Oregon FD, and can vouch for Brett’s skills on the job. It’s actually kind of nice, when you think about it: Brett and Casey fell in love while working together, and now that they’re going to be married, they’re going to work together again.

Brett made it clear that she wants to continue her professional pursuits. She can’t imagine life without being a paramedic, and given how much effort she’s put into the job since she joined the show, can’t say we blame her. It’s who she is!

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